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Well-known, that one of factors of stable and steady development of the country is creation of a favorable investment climate.
It is necessary to note, that the investment legislation of Republic Kazakhstan is one of advanced in system of the legislation of the countries CIS, having incorporated substantive provisions of the international investment right, in particular, regulations about guarantees of the rights of foreign investors, granting certain{determined} преференций for investors and others.
The purpose of the state support of investments are creation of a favorable investment climate for development of economy and stimulation of investments into creation new, expansion and updating of working manufactures with application of modern technologies, creation of new workplaces, and also preservation of the environment.
In the beginning of this year in Kazakhstan the new law « About investments », in exchange before working laws has been accepted: Law РК « About foreign investments » from 27.12.1994, Law РК from 28.02.1997 years « About the state support of direct investments ».
His{Its} main sense - all conditions, privileges and преференции for foreign investors and simultaneously уравнены conditions for the Kazakhstan investors (before a privilege were given only to the foreign companies) are kept.
Tax преференции (privileges) determined by the new Law on investments, include the following:
  • Granting of the right of additional deductions from the cumulative revenue of the tax bearers who are carrying out the investments into fixed actives from creation new, of expansion and updating of working manufactures.
  • Clearing of tax bearers of payment of the tax to property on fixed actives again entered into operation within the framework of the investment project with the purpose of creation new, expansions and updating of working manufactures.
  • Clearing of payment of the ground tax on the ground areas got and used for realization of the investment project.

The new Law does not give clearing of payment of surtax, and also does not provide guarantees concerning adverse changes in the legislation.
Granting tax investment преференций depends on the size of prospective investments, but they are given for the term of no more than for 5 years. Преференции are given only to the investors who are carrying out activity in priority sectors of economy, such as: an industrial infrastructure, a manufacturing industry, objects of city of Astana, habitation, objects of social sphere and tourism, an agriculture.
According to the Decree of the Head of the state, since January, 1, 2002 in a left-bank part of capital the special economic zone « Astana - new city » began to function. In this connection changes are brought in the current legislation and additions which offer tax and customs privileges for investors participating in buildings territory СЭЗ. For all time of action СЭЗ the ground tax is not raised from a site on which this or that object is constructed. Besides cost of the buildings constructed here and constructions is not assessed on property.
The law on investments also assumes other kinds преференций:
  • Clearing of taxation by the customs at import of the equipment and accessories in case of absence or insufficient manufacture of such equipment and accessories in Republic Kazakhstan or discrepancies of the equipment made in Republic Kazakhstan to requirements of the quality showed by features of the investment project.
  • Granting of the ground areas, buildings, constructions, machines of the equipment as grants for the purposes of realization of investment projects.

The order of granting of privileges depends on the status of the investor: for again created organization - from payment of taxes the received assessed tax, all property and all ground areas are released{exempted}, and for working - clearing at payment of taxes is given only on a gain.
All these tax преференции are given the investor at the conclusion of the contract with the authorized state body under investments. The order of application, its{her} consideration and the conclusion of the contract is determined by the corresponding instruction.
Within the framework of these sectors the list of the most important manufactures to which the order of granting преференций is distributed is authorized. For example, in sphere of telecommunication networks, release of clothes, a yarn, fabrics, footwear, fur products, production of household chemical goods, industrial electronics, building materials, etc.
Legislative fastening of the state support of the foreign investors working in Kazakhstan, positively affects increase in their inflow to Republic. In the country carry out activity about 2,5 thousand joint and foreign enterprises where it is borrowed{occupied} 250 thousand working and on their share it is necessary more than 45 % of the foreign trade turnover.
Creation of reliable and stable legal base as a whole affects growth of investments into economy of republic. A pledge of it is the favorable investment climate, programs of development of a минерально-source of raw materials and developments of a national economy as a whole.
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