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About C

The Inter-Regional Marketing Centers (IMC) Network is a unique consortium of regional information and marketing companies working in close contact with local administrations, unions and associations of entrepreneurs, other enterprises and structures interested in adjustment of horizontal economic ties between Russian regions and other countries. Initiated by the Moscow Government, the Network managed to become really all-Russia and international.

Co-founder of all the IMCs and the coordinator of the Network is the Moscow Fund for Small Business Promotion.

You become a partner of the IMC Network if you contract with either of regional centers (the full list of the centers is available on the page ../Contact/contact.asp). If you use services offered here, on our corporate portal, you are our subscriber.

Becoming the partner of the IMC Network, you or your enterprise have the following opportunities:

  • to take advantage of the information on enterprises, goods, business projects and other opportunities in different regions;
  • to publish your own information you consider necessary in regional mass-media, and also in the Internet using the most effective ways of its delivery to your potential consumers;
  • to manage an effective advertising campaign for your business on the basis of maximum exact studying of potential audience in chosen regions;
  • to receive or order analytical reports or marketing researches on any group of regions and/or on any commodity group;
  • to order a series of presentations and campaign for active and purposeful promotion of your production in the chosen regions within the bounds of our complex service Presentation marketing;
  • to get into contact with administrations of those territories on which expansion of your business is planned.

Becoming the subscriber of the Information network of the IMC Network, you can rent a virtual office for your company that will relieve you of necessity to create expensive corporate system. Our portal gives the opportunity:

  • to declare itself to the world having the corporate Business card published free-of-charge;
  • to create a web-presence of the company without using special knowledge and skills;
  • to create the protected system of informing and documents dispatch for your branches and regional managers;
  • to define the real price for your production with the help of electronic auction;
  • to involve potential clients on your web-forum and to collect the hot information on their preferences;
  • to keep and expand an audience by means of free-of-charge electronic dispatch;
  • to inform the other owners of virtual offices about your position in the market and specific proposals;
  • to get the on-line access to constantly filled up databases of enterprises, offers, goods / services, wholesale prices and investment projects;
  • to obtain the analytical data on various commodity groups and regions;
  • to order marketing research;
  • to study our opportunities on active promotion of your production to the regional markets.

At your service are the following advantages of the IMC Network:

  • direct presence in the majority of regions of the Russian Federation and proceeding expansion outside the country;
  • uniformity of standards of gathering, processing and submission of the information;
  • speed and a variety of ways of the requested data transfer, use of advantages of high technologies;
  • experience of interaction with local authorities;
  • experience of realization of the international projects;
  • extensive partner network.

We do things that everybody does, but nobody does the same that we do!

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