News from 03/02/2011 (ММЦ "Алматы" - Open Company " АлматыЭкспертиза " TPP of. Алматы)
March, 2, 2011 at 10.00 ч. In a conference hall " Diamond 5 " hotels " Rixos А lmaty " were held Business - meetings of the enterprises of the Lithuanian Republic and Republic of Kazakhstans
March, 2, 2011 at 10.00 ч. In a conference hall " Diamond 5 of " hotel " Rixos А lmaty " to the address: пр. Сейфуллина 506/99, уг. Street. Кабанбай батыра Business - meetings of the enterprises of the Lithuanian Republic and the Republics of Kazakhstans spent within the framework of Trade and economic Mission of business circles of Lithuania to Kazakhstan, the organized by commercial and Industrial chamber were held. Алматы.
The deputy minister of a facilities(an economy) of Lithuania mister Mindaugas Petrauskas headed delegation. In structure of delegation participated the general Director of the state enterprise " Exporting Lithuania " mister Pauljus Lukauskas; the Director of department on innovations and societies of knowledge of the Ministry of the Facilities(economy), Алмантас Данилявичус; Chapters. The expert of a department of public relations and the report of the Ministry of the Facilities(economy), Юрана Юшкайтите; the Head projects Гос. Enterprises " Exporting Lithuania ", Анета Каценайте and 14 large Lithuanian companies interested in an output(exit) on the Kazakhstan market, and working in the following areas:
- higher education;
- planning of advertising communications, marketing;
- транспортно-forwarding services;
- engineering consultations;
- wiring, electrosupply, systems of cooling;
- designing of fire safety and all types of buildings;
- manufacture ПЕТ of container and automatic machines of ермо-blown formation;
- manufacture of polyethylene packages with or without a seal, advertising packages, garbage bags, the packing, био\охо-degrading packages and packing;
- publishing house of newspapers and интернет portals;
- Operations with the real estate: the ground, structures, cadastral measurements.

From the Kazakhstan party(side) on solemn opening the employee of Committee of the international economic cooperation of Ministries of Foreign Affairs РК Бейсен Жолболдиев, the Chairman of Presidium TPP of took part Assistant Akima to Алматы Кудышев Murat Тиiшбекулы. Алматы, Бияров Мухтархан Нуралдинович.
On the казахстанско-Lithuanian business - forum the joint-stock company " Kazakh водоканалпроект ", Open Company " ЦинКаз ", РГП " the Centre of science противоинфекционных preparations ", " the National centre of problems of tuberculosis МЗ РК ", Open Company " institute Kazsel'energoproekt " participated 51 Kazakhstan company, among them etc.
The greatest interest at казахстанцев was caused by School of the international business of the Vilnius University and the Lithuanian University of sciences of health, on a meeting with which there came representatives of Conducting HIGH SCHOOLS RK: the Kazakh National Medical University him(it). S.D.Asfendijarova, Noncommercial educational Establishment " International Academy of Business ", University of the International Business, the International School at the Kazakh Economic University him(it). T.Ryskulova, the Kazakh Agrarian University and a number(line,beside) of scientific research institutes of Kazakhstan. The parties(sides) discussed an opportunity of an exchange of experience, the organizations of improvement of professional skill of managing personnel, a student's exchange, scientific training, joint participation in the European projects.
Action was shined(covered) by a broadcasting company of "Kazakhstans" (the program " Business news "); News agency " Интерфакс "; the National daily newspaper " the Kazakhstan truth "; the Daily political republican newspaper " the express Train To "; Kazakh National news agency " Kazinform ".

Зам the chairman of presidium TPP of. Алматы
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