News from 01/20/2004 (ММЦ "Алматы" - Open Company " АлматыЭкспертиза " TPP of. Алматы)
Meeting of the General Director of IMC "Almaty-Moscow" Mr. Bijarov M.N. with the Chinese delegation
15.01.2004y. The General Director of the Inter-regional marketing centre "Алматы-Moscow" Mr. Bijarov M.N. has met the Chinese delegation. In structure of delegation присутсвовали: the Chairman of board Central - Asian Всекитайской associations of figures of the Chinese origin on assistance of the industry and trade, Mr. Chzhan Tajanom, the chapter of the centre of the scientific and technical information of Sin'tszjanskogo area Mr. El'dan,
Representatives of the Kazakhstan joint venture " Consulting enterprise ", cooperating with Chinese People's Republic, the translator.

General director of IMC "Алматы-Moscow" has acquainted delegation with activity of the centre, the basic rendered services and has asked to speak to Mr. Chzhan Tajanu, which has informed, that Всекитайская the association has representations in many countries of the world and engaged in protection of rights and interests ethnic китайцев and also promotes development of international trade. Primary goal of the given structure is preliminary study of investment projects with the purpose of a favourable investment of investments, realization of examination of quality and quantity(amount) of the goods, marketing researches etc.
Also the Chairman of board of association has shared the information on forthcoming actions which are planned by association: preparation for realization of an exhibition of the Chinese enterprises, opening of representation IMC " Алматы-Moscow " to Chinese People's Republic, creation of the large Chinese centre of wholesale trade in Kazakhstan.
The Chinese party(side) has offered to promote IMC "Almaty-Moscow" in search of potential partners for the Kazakhstan enterprises, rendering of marketing services, information interchange concerning investment projects and to other questions for achievement of fruitful cooperation between our countries.
On end of conversation of the Chinese delegation memorable souvenirs were handed.