News from 12/26/2002 (ММЦ "Алматы" - Open Company " АлматыЭкспертиза " TPP of. Алматы)
" Marketing consultation: the organization, quality, efficiency "
April, 12, 2002 in Алматы the Kazakhstan association of marketing and Fund " Eurasia " organized the international round table " Marketing consultation: the organization, quality, efficiency " with participation of officials and leading experts of Department of small business of. Алматы, consulting firms, the European bank of reconstruction and development, the Inter-regional marketing centre "Алматы-Moscow".
During realization of a round table the exchange of an operational experience on problems of consultation at the domestic enterprises was held questions of use of marketing technologies, revealings of the basic problems, in particular, were discussed during consultation, actualization of priority directions of development of the given branch, definition of criteria of a choice by customers of advising and research agencies, development of the basic specifications, specialization of advisers, character, the maintenance(contents) and quality of consulting services, associations of efforts of professional advisers, prospects of marketing consultation in Kazakhstan.
After end of work of a round table, having heard and having discussed performances(statements), the parties(sides) have accepted Position about Expert advice(council) on questions of marketing at Department of small business Акимата of. Алматы and the Resolution in which the common opinion of participants of action about necessity creation of a web-presence with a view of integration of the state bodies is fixed, various branch and professional business - associations, entrepreneurs, experts of mass media, creation of national information base of the professional marketing organizations and individual advisers - маркетологов, establishment of special Expert advice(council), and also active development and expansion of marketing partnership at a local, national and international level for creation of a uniform marketing field.