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On December, 5 the Forum of entrepreneurs has been held. Almaty
On December, 5, 2002 the Forum of
entrepreneurs was held. Almaty in which alongside with other
organizations, the IMC "Almaty-Moscow" and Almaty commercial and industrial chamber took part.
Before the beginning of the Forum all interested persons could receive the detailed information on the IMC Network. Delegates of forum have received the information on services, functions and
opportunities of the IMC Network.
It was distributed about 150 advertizing leaflets of IMC "Almaty-Moscow",
on computer the opportunities of PVO were evidently demonstrated.


Forum of entrepreneurs of Almaty

Forum of entrepreneurs of the city of Almaty carried out in December, 5, 2002 with participation of Akim Almaty, the state bodies, the public and international organizations and entrepreneurs of our city, marks below-mentioned:
Small business is recognized as priority sector of economy in a state policy of Kazakhstan. The government in a lot of executive acts has defined support and priority development of small and medium entrepreneurship in the country as basis of social stability and a basis of economic prosperity of the state.
The economic parameters describing sphere of
small entrepreneurship of Almaty, testify to positive tendencies developing in this sector of economy. It was caused by revival of manufacture, growth of real monetary incomes of the population, strengthening of measures of the state support.
At the same time, the basic problems for a way of development of small business there are the administrative and economic barriers, essential blanks in legislative base of small entrepreneurship, there are no effective mechanisms of realization of legal guarantees of equality of all patterns of ownership and protection of a private property. Participants of the Forum approved the Program of support and development of small business on city of
Almaty for 2003-2005
Participants of the Forum of entrepreneurs of city of Almaty support the basic directions of a state policy stated in the report of the President of a Republic of Kazakhstan on a republican Forum of entrepreneurs (September 2002) Also offer to carry out a number of the measures directed on development of entrepreneurship of city of Almaty:
> On perfection of system of the tax and administrative
> On perfection of a customs and tariff politics.
> On overcoming administrative barriers in the field of licensing
and other allowing documents.
> On ordering activity of the state supervising bodies and grantings of paid services by
the state enterprises.
> On perfection of a finance-credit politics.
> On legalization of services of entrepreneurs in social sphere.
> On ordering enterprise activity in the markets of
city of Almaty.
> On maintenance of the population of city with qualitative food production.
The present Resolution is accepted by delegates of the Forum of entrepreneurs of city of Almaty on December, 5, 2002