News from 11/26/2010 ( "" - Open Company " " TPP of. )
Visit of the pro-rector of -German university Bodo Lohman in . , 25.11.2010.

Continuing the negotiations holding November, 12 current year, November, 25, 2010. Commercial and industrial chamber of. representatives of -German university, on behalf of the Pro-rector have visited, the doctor of economic sciences, professor Bodo Lohman and of the representative centre . Mr. Bodo Lohman has in more details told about activity of -German university which was founded 8- by high SCHOOLS - PARTNERS from Germany. That is, notwithstanding what officially the high SCHOOL carries the status of private(individual) HIGH SCHOOL, as a matter of fact it(he) those is not. HIGH SCHOOLS - PARTNERS are interested in expansion of geography of the educational activity, that first of all, is connected to decrease(reduction) of birth rate in Europe and, accordingly, predicted decrease(reduction) of number of potential students. This year the first 20 students of a final year have left under the stipendial program to Germany for one year of training. These graduates already have real chance to receive the double diploma: The Kazakhstan sample and the international sample.
In turn, the Chairman of presidium TPP of Bijarov M.N., has expressed desire to support to high SCHOOL in informing members of. and other territorial chambers of Kazakhstan about activity , has informed visitors about a pressing need of businessmen in improvement of professional skill on specialities, qualitative preparation and retraining of personnel. . The chairman on questions of foreign economic relations of Akylbaeva S.D. has informed about participation of. in fair of vacancies which is held December, 9, 2010.
The arrangement on signing the Agreement on cooperation between is achieved. and .

. The chairman on questions of Akylbaeva S.D.