News from 11/23/2010 ( "" - Open Company " " TPP of. )
Visit of the representative of the company " Messe Frankfurt " Jurgen Werz, Germany in . , 15.11.2010.
November, 15, 2010. Commercial and industrial chamber of. the representative of the exhibition company " Messe Frankfurt ", Germany has visited on behalf of the Regional manager on sales Jurgen Werz. Annually the company " Messe Frankfurt " will carry out(spend) about 100 exhibitions worldwide, at an exhibition Frankfurt this year has visited about 50 visitors from Kazakhstan that is unsignificant. At exhibitions sellers - buyers from more than 100 countries take part. The purpose of visit of Mr. Jurgen Werz was desire to find the partner on behalf of Commercial and industrial chamber of. on the organization of visiting of exhibitions " Messe Frankfurt ", and also with the purpose of increase of number of visitors with .
Visitors accepted the Chairman of presidium TPP of. , Bijarov M.N. and . The chairman on questions of Akylbaeva S.D.
The parties(sides) have communicated about the activity, the preliminary arrangement on cooperation is achieved.

. The chairman on questions of Akylbaeva S.D.