News from 11/03/2010 (ММЦ "Алматы" - Open Company " АлматыЭкспертиза " TPP of. Алматы)
Business - meetings of the enterprises of the Voronezh area (Russia) and Republics of Kazakhstans

November, 2, 2010 at 10.00 ч. In a conference hall "Baikonur" hotels " Казжол " to the address: street. Гоголя 127/1, уг. Сейфуллина Business - meetings of the enterprises of the Voronezh area (Russia) and the Republics of Kazakhstans organized by commercial and Industrial chambers of Алматы РК and the Voronezh area of the Russian Federation, spent were held within the framework of Trade and economic Mission. 4 large Russian companies have taken part in structure of delegation: Open Society " Эртильский a литейно-mechanical factory ", Open Company " delta - пак ", Open Company " Voronezh - Аква ", Joint-Stock Company " Воронежстальмост " on behalf of their first heads. President ТПП Voronezh Oblasti Smikalov Andrey Borisovich headed delegation Vitse. From the Kazakhstan party(side) Open Company participated in business - meetings " Мембранные technologies ", joint-stock company " Имстальком ", joint-stock company " Алель Агро ", Open Company " Менур ", Open Company " Мостостроительный group-1 " more than 20 companies, among them etc.
With a view of assistance to development of mutual relations of Russia and Kazakhstan by Commercial and industrial chambers in 2009 it was carried out(spent) about 50 trade and economic missions on which business circles of 14 regions of Russia were submitted. In missions participated about 600 Russian companies and about 2000 Kazakhstan. During spent missions it was carried out(spent) over 3 thousand negotiations on which it was signed more than 150 contracts and reports of intentions.
In connection with creation of the Customs Union of Kazakhstan, Russia and Белоруси there are new opportunities in development партерских attitudes(relations) between businessmen of both countries. For the first half-year 2010 г commodity circulation between Kazakhstan and Russia has exceeded 8 billion dollars, that on 40 % is higher than parameters of 2009 the same period. Specificity of the industry of the Voronezh area consists in prevalence of the enterprises of processing manufactures (78 %) over the general(common) revolution of the industry. The big densities in a revolution of the enterprises of processing manufactures is made by the enterprises which are carrying out: Manufacture of the equipment - 27,3 %; Manufacture of foodstuff - 37,3 %; Chemical manufacture - 17,0 %
In Kazakhstan as of December, 1, 2009 it is registered 3023 joint ventures with participation of the Russian capital. Basically the enterprises are borrowed(occupied) in sphere of cultivation of grain and leguminous cultures, switching семеноводство, granting of services in an oil recovery and gas, manufacture of wooden products, other kinds of publishing and in other areas. In territory of Russia 1160 joint Russian - Kazakhstan enterprises operate, from them 450 work in a frontier zone.
Russia is one of key trade and economic partners of Kazakhstan.

The appendix: the list of the Voronezh companies - 1 sheet.

The chairman of Presidium Bijarov M.N.

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