News from 09/10/2010 ( "" - Open Company " " TPP of. )
the REPORT on visiting 19 the foreign Trade fair, Urumchi, Chinese People's Republic September, 1-6 2010

The Kazakhstan delegation organized by commercial and Industrial chamber of. has taken part in 19 to the foreign Trade fair, Urumchi, Chinese People's Republic (September, 1-6, 2010)
The enterprises of Republic of Kazakhstans have taken part in structure of delegation: Open Company " service " ", Open Company " ", Management of public health Services of area, "Ensepova M.B.", Open Company " MTI Medical ", Open Company " ", joint-stock company " Semipalatinsk machine-building factory ". Headed delegation . . on the external economic questions, chief Akylbaeva S.D.
The exhibition is organized by the Ministry of commerce of Chinese People's Republic and National government SUAR of Chinese People's Republic, passed in the international exhibition centre. Exhibition - fair wins first place on scale of universal international fairs in northwest areas of China, borrows(occupies) the area more than 36 000 sq.m.
The on display goods: building materials and the goods for habitation, foodstuff, production for medicine and public health services, the household electroequipment, textiles, electromechanical, chemical production and hardware, mechanisms for processing plastic products and food packing, the large-sized mechanical equipment.
Commercial and industrial chamber of. has organized exhibiting at exhibition - fair of production of the Kazakhstan company of Open Company " MTI Medical ", letting out biological - active additives.
September, 2, 2010 the Kazakhstan delegation has taken part in business supper under the invitation of commercial and Industrial chamber of Urumchi. From the Chinese party(side) representatives of the export-import company of Urumchi participated in supper Chairman of of Urumchi , . of Urumchi .
Work of participants of the Kazakhstan delegation at an exhibition to fair was fruitful, at the majority of them contracts - intentions, contracts are made. With Commercial and industrial chamber of Urumchi the arrangement on reciprocal visit of the Chinese delegation to Kazakhstan in September of the current year is achieved.

. The chairman of Presidium on foreign economic relations
And information, chief
Akylbaeva S.D.