News from 08/16/2010 (ММЦ "Алматы" - Open Company " АлматыЭкспертиза " TPP of. Алматы)
Cеминар " Substantive provisions of general system преференций (ВСП) "
the press RELEASE

Commercial and industrial chamber of. Алматы together with USAID organizes a seminar " Substantive provisions of general system преференций (ВСП) " which was held July, 30, 2010 at 10.00 ч. In conference hall "Парасат" of hotel " Казжол " to the address: street. Гоголя, 127/1, (уг. Street. Сейфуллина, in one building with hotel " cosiness ")

The purpose of a seminar - regional project USAID on liberalization of trade and customs reform (RTLC) - introduction in system trading преференций EU (the European Union) and USA for the Kazakhstan business. The given seminar will allow to acquaint representatives of business - community of Kazakhstan with substantive provisions of general system преференций (ВСП).
During a seminar substantive provisions ВСП and examples, and also use of an interactive portal of EU also will be stated.
The general system преференций exists since 1971 and represents the facilitated access on the market of the advanced countries for the goods and materials from the developing states, and it more than 160 countries of the world.
Facilitated, or preferential, access on the market means collection of the zero or low customs from a consignment of goods made in less developed countries. Kazakhstan also receives trading преференции on the part of the advanced countries and customs territories, such EU and USA.

Yours faithfully,
The chairman of Presidium M.N. Бияров

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