News from 05/12/2010 (ММЦ "Алматы" - Open Company " АлматыЭкспертиза " TPP of. Алматы)
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May, 12, 2010 at 10.00 ч. In a conference hall of hotel " cosiness " (to the address: street. Гоголя 127/1, уг. Сейфуллина) Business - meetings of the enterprises of the Chelyabinsk area (Russia) and the Republics of Kazakhstans organized by commercial and Industrial chamber of are held. Алматы and the Южно-Ural Tender - industrial chamber of the Russian Federation within the framework of Trade and economic Mission.
The Chelyabinsk area is one of most индустриально the advanced territories of Russia. Development of area is defined(determined) with such branch complexes, as metallurgical, machine-building, fuel and energy, building, agrarian and industrial. Branch complexes include more than two thousand large and average enterprises.
In structure of the Russian delegation of 10 companies: Joint-Stock Company " Промет ", Open Company Factory "Стройтехника", Open Company " Морион ", Open Company " Миасский a factory of the medical equipment ", Open Company " Russian sky ", Joint-Stock Company " Factory Минплита ", Open Company NPP " Энергосберегающие technologies ", Open Company " Miass - lift ", Open Company " Furniture factory Aleand ", Joint-Stock Company " the Axiom № 1 ".
From volume of foreign trade of Kazakhstan in the first quarter 2010г. commodity circulation between Russia and Kazakhstan which in January, - March 2010 has made 3305,1 million dollars falls to 17,6 %, that 59,8 % is higher, than for the same period of 2009. From them on the Kazakhstan export it is necessary 1232 млн.долларов and on the Russian import it is necessary 2073,1 million dollars.
In Kazakhstan as of December, 1, 2009 it is registered 3023 joint ventures with participation of the Russian capital. Basically the enterprises are borrowed(occupied) in sphere of cultivation of grain and leguminous cultures, switching семеноводство, granting of services in an oil recovery and gas, manufacture of wooden products, other kinds of publishing and in other areas. In territory of Russia 1160 joint Russian - Kazakhstan enterprises operate, from them 450 work in a frontier zone.
For the period since 1993 on December, 31, 2009 валовый inflow of direct investments from Russia to Kazakhstan has made 3,967,1 billion US dollars.
Russia is one of key trade and economic partners of Kazakhstan. In a bilateral format actions are realized within the framework of programs of economic cooperation on 2008-2011гг. and cooperation of frontier regions of two countries on 2008-2011гг. The strategic document aimed at continuation of integration processes between two countries and determining priorities in mutual relations, the Plan of joint actions on 2009-2010гг., authorized by presidents of two countries in December 2008г is. The Russian - Kazakhstan Business Advice(council) on frontier cooperation (further РКДС), created by commercial and industrial chambers of Kazakhstan and Russia successfully works. With a view of expansion and strengthening of frontier cooperation in 2009 by members РКДС it is organized and carried out(and spent) 13 Russian - Kazakhstan trade and economic missions (ТЭМ). In total by Commercial and industrial chambers in 2009. It was carried out(spent) about 50 trade and economic missions on which business circles of 14 regions of Russia were submitted. In missions participated about 600 Russian companies and about 2000 Kazakhstan. During spent missions it was carried out(spent) over 3 thousand negotiations on which it was signed more than 150 contracts and reports of intentions.
In connection with formation(education) of the Uniform customs Union the increase of mutual commodity circulation in the current year is expected.

The appendix: 1. list of the Chelyabinsk companies - 2 sheets.

The chairman of Presidium Z.K. Ахметжанова

Исп. Sphere Акылбаева, ph. +7 727 278 44 13,

The list of the Chelyabinsk participants of trade and economic mission to. Алматы
May, 12, 2010.

№ п/п the Name of the enterprise (ФИО the participant, e-mail, web site) the Field of activity of the enterprise

Joint-Stock Company " Промет "
The general director: Brjuhov Anatoly Jur'evich
Web-site: Offered production: sale constructional and tool металлопроката under the order from presence in a warehouse, anyone fine and large-capacity parties(sets).
Desirable contacts:
The enterprises of machine-building branch,
- подшипниковые factories,
- The defensive enterprises,
Any enterprises it is required which металлопрокат.

Open Company Factory "Стройтехника"
The assistant to the general director: Luk'janov Sergey Mihajlovich
Web-site: Offered production: Вибропрессующее equipment "Рифей" for manufacturing a wide spectrum of building products by a method moist вибропрессования on cement knitting own manufacture.
Desirable contacts: the building companies, the enterprises for manufacture of building materials.

Open Company " Морион "
The executive director: Eremenko Valery Viktorovich
The sales manager: Рахимов Ринат Рамзильевич
Web-site: Offered production: Temple and civil construction (domes, a roof, elements of internal and external furniture, non-standard products).
Desirable contacts:
-Акимат areas and Акимат. Алматы,
The representatives of religion requiring for construction / restoration of Muslim mosques and orthodox temples,
The large civil engineering firms conducting construction of cult constructions or objects of civil construction (circuses, stations, the airports, residential buildings with a non-standard roof),
Architects, designers.


Joint-Stock Company " Factory Минплита "
The regional representative in Astana: Kraus Eugeny Vladimirovich
Web-site: Offered production: the Russian manufacturer звуко-and теплоизоляционных минераловатных materials from stone cotton wool under trade mark LINEROCK (Лайнрок).
Desirable contacts: the building companies, designers, sellers of building materials


Open Company " Russian sky "
The general director: Ions Виталлий Анатольевич
Web-site: - Offered production: products of the sound and light signal system for motor transport, светодиодные fixtures.
Desirable contacts: the Ministry of Internal Affairs (motor licensing and inspection department, the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs), Горсвет


Open Company " Миасский a factory of the medical equipment "
The general director: Suprun Vladimir Ivanovich
Web-site: Offered production: iatrotechnics, complexes of pure(clean) premises(rooms) for medical establishments, the centres of blood, вивариев and nurseries of SPF-animal, pharmaceutical and biotechnological manufactures, manufactures of microelectronics, space engineering, the nuclear industry.
Desirable contacts:
The enterprises of the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry,
The enterprises for designing and construction of objects of the given industry, and also objects of public health services,
Commercial structures on sales of iatrotechnics.

Open Company NPP " Энергосберегающие technologies "
The deputy director: Dajbov Vladimir Dal'evich
Web-site: Offered production: Installations кавитационные hydrodynamical such as УКГ.
Desirable contacts:
- Heat& - электро power (manufacture of heat and the electric power at the enterprises using as fuel black oil)
- Oil extracting
- Oil refining
- Manufacture of mineral oil
- Processing нефтешламов
- Shipowners and campaigns carriers using court.
( the file with scopes of the equipment) Is applied.
8. Open Company " Miass - lift "
The director: Pridannikova Natalia Vladimirovna
Web-site: Offered services: installation, пусконаладка lifts, maintenance service, operating repair and operation лифтового facilities(economy).
Desirable contacts:
The enterprises housing-and-municipal facilities(economy),
The enterprises of building branch.
9. Open Company " Furniture factory Aleand "
The director: Gorchakov Andrey Jur'evich
Web-site: www. Offered production: kitchen furniture on the individual sizes, serially made office furniture, cases a compartment, furniture for bathrooms, any case furniture.
Desirable contacts:
- The wholesale, retail enterprises - sellers of furniture
- Furniture interiors
- Design - studios on an interior.
10. Joint-Stock Company " the Axiom № 1 "
The general director: Brehov Gennady Viktorovich
Web-site: Offered production: the автокомпоненты-largest in Russia the manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders of brakes and couplings for automobiles the VAZ. The enterprise since 2002 is official supplier АЗ "Ural", and since 2007 - the official supplier the Autovase.
Desirable contacts:
- The enterprises for wholesale trade in autocomponents
- The car assembly enterprises.