News from 03/02/2010 (ММЦ "Алматы" - Open Company " АлматыЭкспертиза " TPP of. Алматы)
Business - forum " Interregional Business Forum 2010 ", Paris, France
Business - forum " Interregional Business Forum 2010 ", Paris, France
On visiting the Business - forum " Interregional Business Forum 2010 ", Paris, France

The Kazakhstan delegation organized by commercial and Industrial chamber of. Алматы has taken part in the Business - forum " Interregional Business Forum 2010 " to Paris (February, 7-13 2010г.), France. In structure of delegation have taken part с/х the enterprises of Republic of Kazakhstans on behalf of their first heads: Open Company " ear ", Open Company " Атырау-сауда ", Open Company " the Basin су ", Open Company " Кайнар ", к.х. " Сулейменов Н. ", Open Company " Отканжар ", Open Company " Пржевальское ", Open Company " АлматыЭкспертиза ".
Organized under the initiative of commercial and Industrial chamber of Paris (CCIP) and Commercial and industrial chamber of Istanbul (ITO) in connection with declared " the Season of Turkey in France ", the Inter-regional Business - forum is based on simple idea: to promote an exchange компетенциями in interests of economic development of each of the countries and regions as a whole. Within two days, in Paris, passed the given Business - forum. The basic directions of a business - forum: an agriculture (растениеводство, animal industries); processing and packing of food stuffs, fruit, vegetables; processing of a clap(cotton); textile branch; sphere of power; mineral raw material etc.
February, 9 with salutatory speech Pierre Simon, the President of commercial and Industrial chamber of Paris Murat Ялчинтас, the President of the Chamber of commerce of Istanbul have acted. During conferences and round tables, needs(requirements) and the purposes, in key sectors were discussed: power, development of an infrastructure and transport, in city construction, in development of telecommunication networks and in агро-business.
February, 10 was devoted to business bilateral meetings (B2B). About 300 companies from 11 countries had an opportunity to discuss in the bilateral order commercial agreements, projects of industrial, technological or financial partnership and to define(determine) opportunities for an exchange of experience in above named sectors.
Partners of action: ТПП Algeria, ТПП the Cat - д'Ивуара, ТПП. Алматы, ТПП France in Morocco, TPP republic Kirghizstan, ТПП Uzbekistan, Trading, Industrial and Agricultural chamber of Dakar, ТПП Syria, the Тунисско-French Commercial and industrial chamber.
Within the framework of the given visit the commercial and Industrial chamber of Paris together with the Istanbul Commercial and industrial chamber has organized В2В meetings. From November, 17, till January, 20, 2010 participants had an opportunity to be registered, filling in an online the questionnaire on a site of the Business - forum with the instruction(indication) of the detailed information concerning the activity, a portrait of potential partners and the priority markets. The information on the registered participants is accessible in the on-line catalogue (under the reference "Participants").
Embassy RK in France has assisted at realization B2B of negotiations of the Kazakhstan companies within the framework of the Business - forum.