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C 1 on October, 3 in passes IV international forum " Quality and crisis: opportunities ".
" We hope that the forum is just that dialogue platform which consolidates advanced theoretical knowledge of the best in the field of quality ", - minister of the industry and trade , on taking place in IV international forum " has noted in the performance(statement) Quality and crisis: opportunities ".
In his(its) opinion, how we shall be prepared for a postcrisis stage of development, those results which we shall reach(achieve) in the future depend. Now on the foreground development of the forced industrialization and technical regulation leaves.
" For us two primary goals - protection of the domestic consumer and the manufacturer and necessity of attraction of high technologies in economy are now important. Namely the innovational technologies directed on growth of productivity in sectors, improvement of quality of social services, growth in all sectors of economy. We shall do(make) it, first of all, through technical regulation ", - has told A.Isekeshev.
As he said, all attention will be focused on technological reequipment and large-scale modernization of agriculture, on development of oil refining, an infrastructure of sector of petroleum and gas, maintenance of needs(requirements) of building sector, development of metallurgy and manufacture of ready metal products, acceleration of development of chemical branch, the pharmaceutical and defensive industry, power, transport and telecommunications.
" For five years we should create the annual added cost exceeding 50 % from our national product. Therefore in the field of technical regulation the big work will be carried out(spent). At full speed there is a preparation of the serious law of rights of consumers " About regulation of trading activity ". The main question which there will be registered, is a protection against substandard import which becomes the tool of support of domestic business and, first of all, the consumer ", - was noted by it(he).
In Kazakhstan more than 2 000 organizations have already introduced systems of quality management ISO, have started branch systems in medicine, railway and building branches, oil-and-gas sector will take root. It is accepted 54 technical rules, in plans 97 more, also it is accepted 2,5 thousand standards, is annually planned to accept 500 more.
" Today we accept standards on which all world works, and we want, that those from them which will be accepted in the country, for example, in the field of construction, set the fashion, from the point of view of improvement of quality of life of the population, and from the point of view to cost of construction by application of innovational technologies ", - counts A.Isekeshev.
Also minister has noted, that those manufacturers who can not work under accepted standards, will drop out of an economic revolution, is especial within the framework of creation of the Customs union. " We shall introduce as much as possible these principles in rigid state regulation, all our manufactures are obliged to correspond(meet) to the world standards of quality ", - it(he) has noted.

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