News from 07/02/2009 (ММЦ "Алматы" - Open Company " АлматыЭкспертиза " TPP of. Алматы)
June, 25, 2009 in conference hall "Керуен" of hotel " Казжол " within the framework of Trade and economic mission the Business - meeting of the enterprises of South Korea and Republic of Kazakhstans was held
June, 25, 2009 in conference hall "Керуен" of hotel " Казжол " within the framework of Trade and economic mission the Business - meeting of the enterprises of South Korea and Republic of Kazakhstans, organized by commercial and Industrial chamber of was held. Алматы and the Корейско-Euroasian Centre of industrial and technological cooperation. The following enterprises of South Korea have taken part in structure of delegation on behalf of their first heads: Isotech Co. LTD (laser глюкометры), Joint Yoochang Thermal Systems Co., LTD (connecting systems for the pipes conducting gas, pairs, hot water, petroleum), Daeduck Lab. Co (cosmetic means, innovational means on a leaving(care) of a leather(skin)), Baronsl Co., LTD (water, pigmentary ink, ink for a textile seal), Hubit Inc. (devices for measurement of sugar in blood - глюкометры SMBG), GLChem Co., LTD (силиконовые пеногасители, пеногасители for industrial application, multipurpose additives to cosmetic means and household chemical goods, soluble polymers), Joyang Hydrotech Co., LTD (hydraulic gear pumps), Chang Shin International Co., LTD (chisel chisel DTH and boring the head (DTH HAMMER and BIT), Handok Elevator Co., LTD (the passenger lifts, the specialized lifts for hospitals, hotels, office buildings, kitchen lifts), Hannam FAS (стегальные, вышивальные многоиголочные roller machines), Kingtec Korea Co., LTD (compressors for automobile conditioners). The delegation was headed by Vice-president of Association Korea Association of Industry, Academy and Research Institute (KAIARI) Mr. Jang Peing Sik.
The business - meeting was opened with salutatory speech by vice-president ТПП РК, зам. The chairman of Presidium TPP of. Алматы Mr. Bijarov М.Н. In performance(statement) it was marked, that Commercial and industrial chamber of. Алматы closely cooperates about business - associations of South Korea. So, for example, the last year two trade and economic missions of the enterprises of South Korea together with " Кёнги Business the Centre " and the Korean Institute of Electronic technologies were carried out(spent). The business - meeting южнокорейских the companies, organized together with the Корейско-Euroasian centre of industrial technological cooperation, was the first this year. On opening there was a chief of индустриально-innovational department Акимата of Алматы Дияров Д. From the Korean party(side) Vice-president of Association KAIARI has acted. In end of the speech Mr. Jang Peing Sik has invited the Kazakhstan businessmen to visit an exhibition продукций the enterprises of small and average business which will pass an autumn in South Korea.
During official opening a business - meeting the memorandum of mutual understanding between Commercial and industrial chamber of was signed. Алматы and the Корейско-Euroasian business centre of industrial and technological cooperation of the Korean Polytechnical University and Association KAIARI.
From the Kazakhstan party(side) joint-stock company " Медтехника " have taken part in a business - meeting, НПЦ "Рауан" (Шымкент), Open Company " Лифтинвест ", ГКП " Holding Almaty су ", joint-stock company " Уркер косметик " over 30 companies, including etc.
The greatest interest was caused with production of company Handok Elevator Co making passenger, kitchen, specialized lifts. And as the President of the company Mr. Kujyon Munki, has noted during realization of a business - meeting the arrangement on deliveries to Kazakhstan of lifts for the sum of 270 thousand US dollars is achieved.
June, 26 representatives южнокорейских the companies have visited the Kazakhstan enterprises which have shown interest to their production during realization of a business - meeting.
Action was shined(covered) by news agency " Казинформ ", telechannels "Хабар", "Рахат".

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