News from 05/07/2009 (ММЦ "Алматы" - Open Company " АлматыЭкспертиза " TPP of. Алматы)
May, 6, 2009 in. Алматы the Business - meeting of the enterprises of Altai territory (Russia) and Republics of Kazakhstans was held
May, 6, 2009 in. Алматы within the framework of Trade and economic mission the Business - meeting of the enterprises of Altai territory (Russia) and Republics of Kazakhstans was held. The following enterprises of Altai territory have taken part in structure of delegation on behalf of their first heads: Joint-Stock Company " the Source plus ", Open Company " Каменский a smeltery ", Open Company " bio-jar ", Open Company " amber ", Open Company " Алтайдом ", Open Society " Востоковит ", КГУ " the Altay business - incubator ". Delegation headed: vice-president Altay ТПП, Zelentsov K.G. and the representative of Administration of Altai territory, Дружинец Ampere-second. Enterprises Almaty have taken part in a business - meeting, Ust Kamenogorsk, Шымкента over 30 Kazakhstan companies, including. In solemn opening action took part Vice-president ТПП РК, зам.председателя Presidium TPP of. Алматы, Bijarov M.N. and зам.начальника Managements of Business and the Industry, Manzorov S.B.
In second half of day the delegation has visited Park of Information Technologies (further ПИТ) in пос. Ala Tau where the meeting with director ГУ Management of a special economic zone " Park of information technologies " was held, Permenevym J.G. and the director of Managing company Ajazbaevym With. And. For visitors the presentation and a sightseeing tour on ПИТ was organized.
Day was finished by business supper at restaurant " Жеруйык " where results of trade and Economic mission were discussed.
Visit of the Altay delegation in Алматы already the second for last 3 years. Among trading partners of Altai territory of the Russian Federation of Kazakhstans is on the first place (in 2008 28,47 % from total amount of a trade turnover was a share Kazakhstans). In structure of export of Altai territory prevail: coke and коксовая a trifle, лесо-and saw-timbers, the boiler equipment, cars and spare parts to them, trunks, a flour(torment) etc. The Share of Russia in the Kazakhstan export makes about 20 %, and in import 40 % on an extent already of some years.