News from 02/24/2009 (ММЦ "Алматы" - Open Company " АлматыЭкспертиза " TPP of. Алматы)
the press RELEASE about departure of the Kazakhstan delegation the International exhibitions " Salon International De L ' Agriculture " и "SIMA/SIMAGENA" to Paris (February, 22-28 2009г.)
the press RELEASE

Commercial and industrial chamber of. Алматы hereby informs on departure of the Kazakhstan delegation the International exhibitions " Salon International De L ' Agriculture " и "SIMA/SIMAGENA" to Paris (February, 22-28 2009г.), France. In structure of delegation take part с/х the enterprises and country facilities(economy) РК on behalf of their first heads: Open Company " Three-copecks piece Масак ", Open Company " Омир-2005 ", Open Company " Invent ", к.х. "Терра", ИП " Кусайын since " Commercial and industrial chamber of. Алматы acts as the collective organizer of the given action. From the French party(side) assistance is rendered by Association сельхозпроизводителей France "ADEPTA" (Association pour les echanges internationaux de produits et techniques agricoles et agroalimentaries). The embassy of Canada in РК also prepares for meetings for the Kazakhstan delegation with the Canadian participants of exhibition SIMA in Paris.
It already the second departure казахстанцев on an agricultural exhibition to Paris. In the last year in structure of delegation have taken part large с/х the enterprises and scientific research institutes РК: joint-stock company " Рза ", Open Company " Племзавод Аксай ", Open Company " Аманкелды ", к.х. " Кен-give ", Scientifically research Veterinary Institute of joint-stock company " КазАгроИнновация ", Open Company " Medicine Алемы ". With assistance of Commercial and industrial chamber Paris business meetings with the French companies on interests of the Kazakhstan enterprises were organized. For participants of delegation trip appeared productive. As in structure of group there were both manufacturers с/х production, and the scientific institutes working in this sphere, between participants of group there were partner attitudes(relations). Already within the framework of an exhibition preliminary arrangements with the French enterprises about delivery frozen эмбрионов and sperms of oustanding breeds of large and fine horned livestock, about training of the Kazakhstan experts were achieved in the field of artificial insemination and transplantation эмбрионов, about training of experts of the scientific research Institute of veterinary Science and to realization of trainings on questions of the international standards in the field of veterinary science, manufacture диагностикумов and to training of the personnel in the field of standardization and certification. Open Company " Аманкелды " have concluded the contract c the French company on purchase of seeds vegetable and бахчевых cultures for the sum ^50 000, and also the contract on delivery of seeds of high-yielding and highly nourishing grades of corn.
Action was shined(covered) by the newspaper " the Kazakhstan truth ", the program " Business мекен " telechannel "Хабар".

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