News from 09/17/2008 (ММЦ "Алматы" - Open Company " АлматыЭкспертиза " TPP of. Алматы)
Performance(statement) Назарбаева
Dear deputies of Parliament! Ladies and gentlemen!
During last month the situation in the Caucasian region became the main theme in global discussions of conducting world(global) politicians and the authoritative international organizations.
In conditions of a unilateral estimation on the part of the western countries of these events, we have declared support of the measures accepted by the Russian Federation for maintenance of stability in region and the termination(discontinuance) of bloodshed.
We call the parties(sides) to proceed(pass) for negotiations on the basis of authorized Медведевым and Саркози six items. We call the western countries and Russia to refuse mutual reproaches and threats and to proceed(pass) to negotiations for stabilization of position on the basis of superiority(championship) of basic principles of international law. It is waited with all world.
It is now important to help injured simple people, both with South Ossetia, and in Georgia. Kazakhstan already directs the necessary humanitarian help to a zone of the conflict.
Through a prism of these events our achievements for years of independence are in a new fashion estimated also.
Well-being of people, the world, political and economic stability, tolerance multinational and многоконфессионального Kazakhstans, legally made out frontier, kind attitudes(relations) with neighbours is that we have together created for years of independence of Kazakhstan, and than under the right today we are proud.
And it - our main national properties.
We shall carry out(spend) always this general line which provides forward development of the country and its(her) safety.
The opposition proceeding between peoples on Caucasus many years, was again poured out in bloody tragedy.
Consequences of these events can be the most dramatic, thus not only for the Caucasian region.
Therefore once again wanted to address to you and to repeat, that the most important problem(task) for all of us - to provide the world and calmness in our general(common) house.
Constantly it is necessary to explain it to people, and rigidly to stop any attempts undermining bases of the world and stability in the country.
Today we bear the general(common) responsibility for saving up and increasing greatly our successes on interethnic and межконфессиональному to the consent, and also to keep a high level of partner attitudes(relations) with the world community.
Only so we can carry out the planned strategic plans on the further dynamical development of Kazakhstan.
Dear deputies!
Kazakhstan it is already irreversible it is involved in global economic both political processes. And influence of these processes on our internal affairs further will grow only.
Behind examples far to go it is not necessary. Instability of economic already more than year tests our economic system for durability. And in these conditions the Kazakhstan economy has shown to the world the stability.
Due to own strategy of development, monitoring and the system analysis of tendencies in economic, we in anticipatory order accepted the verified and balanced decisions.
To economic are peculiar as rises, and спады, therefore constantly it is necessary to provide measures of stabilization in case of crises. Original " a pillow of safety " at us the fund and золотовалютные reserves of the country is such National.
These means also have allowed us to stabilize a situation and to minimize negative influence of external tendencies on a national economy.
The situation in bank system was stabilized. Banks of the country have not admitted(allowed) дефолта neither on external, nor on internal payments.
Though, if remember, was a lot of wishing to spend means of National fund for the various populist purposes. Today we see, as far as have correctly made, that have not followed tastes of cheap slogans.
Under my assignment(order) the Government from our reserves rendered support on three important directions, most the victim from adverse influence of economic.
The first is дольщики.
The government does not bear(carry) the direct responsibility for mutual relation between citizens and builders. Everyone decides, to whom to entrust the money. Nobody asked advice(council) the Government at this time. But we could not leave our citizens in a trouble.
We have in due time found the effective decision of a problem дольщиков. Only on end of objects of share construction in cities of Astanas and Алматы it was allocated more than 157 billion tenge, from which 41 billion tenge on the repayment of apartments in houses builded in Astana for workers of budgetary sphere.
For protection дольщиков which have suffered from unfair builders, we have in addition allocated 17,2 billion more with tenge.
The government should return these national means given as credits which did not begin at banks. Also it is necessary to collect them from the builders who have deceived people. On these question consequence(investigation) and business should be carried out(spent) should be finished.
I have charged the Government to finish the legislation on individual share in housing construction. Here we had blanks, and swindlers have taken advantage of it. Precise and clear rules of share construction are necessary for us. We should reconsider requirements to the builder define(determine) a degree of the responsibility and a share of risk дольщика. The given bill is already in Parliament.
The second direction - small business.
In view of that banks have reduced crediting, scale state support - and financial, and институциональная - is rendered to small and average business. Due to allocated the last year 48,8 billion tenge профинансировано over 2000 projects of subjects of small and average business.
This year, from means local and republican budgets on small business also it is allocated 95,5 billion tenge.
50 billion tenge from this sum is allocated through Fund "? азына ", and banks will allocate 50 billion more tenge.
Besides under my assignment(order) the Government will carry out(spend) work on reduction of administrative barriers, elimination of excessive and formal bureaucratic procedures. This work should be continued and is farther.
The third direction - an agriculture.
As you know, for last years we realized additional measures on development of agriculture for maintenance of food safety of the country.
In connection with that the foodstuffs has risen in price as a whole worldwide, we appeared compelled to take of a measure on increase of manufacture of those products which in the country does not suffice.
As a whole, this year due to the budget and institutes of development for agrarian and industrial complex it is allocated from above 127 billion tenge.
These means will go on manufacture, those products of which us does not suffice - vegetables, fruit, dairy products, meat.
In all regions are created стабилизационные funds of a grain and social - significant kinds of production. New manufactures, including on processing сельхозпродукции are created.
And today I once again want to emphasize, that occasions for anxiety in this part at our population should not be. We do(make) all necessary for maintenance of food safety.
I have just passed all зерносеющие regions and should tell, that a policy(politics) whom we spend on stabilization of a situation in the market of a grain, correct. Kazakhstan always will be with bread.
In a phase of active realization there are infrastructural projects, questions of social well-being of our citizens constantly are solved, already there are first positive results of administrative reform.
Especially I want to tell about realization of the Program " 30 corporate leaders of Kazakhstan ". " The Base list " from 45 прорывных projects with a total cost more than 53 billion dollars is generated. USA. This year we shall see the first results of this program, and the program will proceed till 2015.
In a result, on the first half-year economic growth in the country was kept. Growth of gross national product has made more than 5 % and his(its) delay corresponds(meets) to a problem(task) in maintenance of the balanced growth of economy. That is in these difficult conditions - absence external фондирования, we have taken management of this process in the hands. We could increase rates of growth, but it would result in growth of inflation. We have accepted a position, balancing to not increase economic growth and in too time to develop, and she(it) correct.
The general(common) reserves of the country in view of National Fund have made 47 billion dollars.
Thus, our actions on stabilization of an economic situation in conditions of turbulence of economic appeared weighed and duly.
Now our problem(task) - to provide higher degree of economic safety, maximum to lower risks of bank sector.
Therefore, I have charged the Government and Fund " Казына " in view of the best world(global) practice and attraction of the international financial institutions to work a question of creation of fund of stressful actives. It - a reliable market mechanism of management of financial risks, and we take it(him) on arms.
The question is possible(probable) further deterioration of position of our banks because the mortgaging property under credits under the price falls and does not compensate expenses which have incurred(carried) banks. Here the state, due to decrease(reduction) of these prices, can help. This government should work and coordinate to the appropriate private(individual) structures precisely.
The analysis shows, that crisis tendencies in economic are not overcome yet. Therefore it is necessary for Government and Parliament to recognize that the next year, probably, also will be uneasy. It is necessary to be ready to complexities and the difficulties following from economic.
* * *
Now - about new plans for prospect.
Under my assignment(order) the Government has developed and has brought to Parliament strategically important for a present stage of development of the country in bills. These are tax and budgetary codes, the three-year budget, and also the bill of a competition.
It is necessary to note, that the Government has made the big work for short time, having prepared these projects.
The project of the Tax code provides the maximal decrease(reduction) of the general(common) tax loading for not raw sectors of economy due to increase of economic feedback from obtaining sector, essentially simplifies tax administration and optimizes the usual system of tax privileges.
For decrease(reduction) of tax burden on несырьевый sector stage-by-stage decrease(reduction) of the rate of corporate surtax from 30 % up to 20 % in 2009, up to 17,5 % in 2010 and up to 15 % in 2011 is stipulated.
It becomes good support for the Kazakhstan businessmen which will allow them to liberate significant turnaround means for additional investment in our economy and business.
I think, I обрадую businessmen if I shall tell, in the new Tax Code am offered a cancellation of advance payments on corporate surtax.
Besides special tax modes for small business are kept in a former kind on the basis of the patent and the simplified declaration.
A lot of initiatives on reduction of the tax reporting is provided.
It is sure, that the new Tax code considerably will allow to improve an investment climate in the country. In view of absence of fraffic walls with the countries of the CIS, it(he) will make business dealing in Kazakhstan more favourable, both for domestic, and for foreign manufacturers.
Naturally, it will result in reduction of a profitable part of the budget. I think, during consideration of this bill you deputies closely(attentively) look, that all was balanced: both it was good business, and the budget was filled normally.
For increase of efficiency of use of means of the budget and the state actives I have charged the Government to develop the new Budgetary code.
The project of the code brought in Parliament is a result of the spent administrative reform, meaning transition from traditional state administration to new state management.
In the new Code coordination of planning and realization of a state policy through budgetary process is amplified(strengthened).
Introduction of complex system of constant monitoring, the control and estimation of productivity of use of budgetary funds is provided. Укреплена system of the state financial control.
The important place in a package of legislative initiatives of the Government borrows(occupies) the republican budget for 2009-2011 years. In the project of the new Budgetary code we have provided introduction of the three-year budget and in the current year such budget is brought on consideration of Parliament.
I want to note, that in the submitted project of the budget the Government takes into account(discounts) all given by me in the Message of the assignment(order) on increase of incomes of the population.
The average size of pension payments will be increased in 2009 by 25 %, in 2010 - on 25 % and in 2011 - on 30 %. Base pension payment by 2011 is possible up to a level of 50 % from a living wage.
The sizes of the state social benefits and special state grants(manuals) since 2009 will be increased annually on the average by 9 %. For realization of the given social initiatives in the project of the three-year budget necessary means are stipulated.
With a view of stimulation of birth rate and improvement of a demographic situation since 2010 social support of large families will be amplified(strengthened). Lump sums on birth by 4-th and more the child will be raised(increased) up to 50 monthly settlement parameters. Monthly grants(manuals) on a leaving(care) of the child on achievement of one year by him(it) are increased on the average in 2,5 times.
The new kind of social payments - grants(manuals) to parents, trustees, bringing up children - invalids, at a rate of 1 minimal wages is entered.
Besides rewarding многодетных mothers who have given birth and bringing up 7 and more children by a suspension bracket " the three-copecks Piece алка " and given birth and bringing up 6 children by a suspension bracket " Koumiss алка " is provided.
The three-year budget also provides also increase of wages to workers of budgetary sphere twice by 2012, including in 2009 - on 25 %, in 2010 - on 25 % and in 2011 - on 30 %.
The list of the experts receiving surcharges for harmful working conditions is expanded.
On these purposes it will be allocated in 2009 4,3 billion tenge, in 2010 - 5,4 billion tenge, in 2011 - 7,1 billion tenge.
In addition to this, under the offer of a party(set) " Нур Отан ", I charged to the Government to carry out stage-by-stage increase of the size of the grant of training youth on 25 % in 2009, on 25 % in 2010 and on 30 % in 2011.
Thus, we carry out all social obligations earlier taken on. All these measures were stipulated in an electoral programme of a party(set) " Нур Отан ". And we have once again proved, that " Нур Отан " is a party(set) real has put, at which words do not miss affairs!
As a whole, the system of a payment demands improvement. It is entrusted to government to make offers on introduction since 2010 of new approaches to formation of a level of wages of workers of various branches of budgetary sphere.
We should give special attention to the further strengthening of potential of law-enforcement and judicial systems of the country. Therefore the Government will provide since 2009 increase of official salaries of judges of the courts local and equal to them on 60 %.
We hope, that worthy material and social security of judges and workers of law enforcement bodies will allow to raise(increase) efficiency of all system of protection of rights and freedom of citizens of the country, and also will help to struggle with corruption more successfully.
This year it is offered to go on increase of a payment of employees of a traffic police. This measure also should be considered(examined) as one of mechanisms of counteraction of corruption. On these purposes in the budget for 2009-2011 years it is necessary to provide 14 billion tenge.
One more important document to which it is necessary to pay special attention, is a bill " About a competition ", developed at active interaction with business - community.
It(he) also was developed as the law of direct action in interests of growth of enterprise activity in the country, development of innovations, small and average business.
I ask you to consider and approve the given bills up to the end of the current year that already about the beginning of the next year we could work in new legal frameworks.
In the near future to you the major bill on questions of food safety will act(arrive) also.
There are some more actual bills - " About social services ";" About modification and additions in the Law " About formation(education) ";" About social - enterprise corporations " and others.
Also in conditions of world(global) crisis of liquidity special value is got with questions of a financial system. Therefore, one of the major bills brought on your consideration is: " About modification and additions in some acts РК on questions of stability of a financial system ".
Search of new sources of financing is not less actual in modern economic conditions. Introduction of new financial tools is necessary to involve perspective investors from Near East, Malaysia and other regions.
Within the framework of the further perfection of system of the government the new model of public service is developed. The new professional part of the civil servants who have been not subject to political factors will be generated. It is necessary to generate the appropriate legislative base.
* * *
The big work is necessary and on creation of a legal basis for the further democratization in the country. It is necessary to provide the laws directed on realization of amendments accepted in the last year in the Constitution of Republic of Kazakhstan.
Speech, first of all, goes about such bills, as " About Assembly of people of Kazakhstan "; on modification and additions in the Constitutional law " About judicial system and the status of judges of Republic of Kazakhstans "; " About the Maximum(supreme) Judicial Advice(council) "; on questions of local self-management, and also regulating an actual cancellation of a death penalty.
Besides it is necessary for us to make some more steps which will allow to improve our political system. I spoke about it at session of Parliamentary assembly of OSCE in Astana.
It is necessary to create a legal mechanism, allowing to form Parliament with participation not less than two parties(sets) even if the second party(set) does not pass a 7-percentage barrier.
Domination of a party(set) " Нур Отан " in Parliament is a decision of people. It - a recognition of results of our general(common) work for years of independence.
And still, for formation in Kazakhstan democratic culture we go on this step.
The following important step which we today can make, concerns creation of more favorable conditions for registration of political parties.
In view of offers of the international and Kazakhstan experts it is necessary to continue perfection of the Law " About elections ". The appropriate offers are prepared.
The important question is also the further liberalization in sphere of mass media. Here it is necessary to remove(take off) the excessive bureaucratic barriers regulating activity of MASS-MEDIA.
But the state should watch(keep up) that activity of MASS-MEDIA did not go in a cut(section) with human rights. The freedom of speech is a right to speak the truth. Any political slogans should not cover lie, slander, kindling interethnic or anyone another social break a set, which is capable to threaten destiny and the future of our country.
Thus, in the near future in Parliament and additions bills of modification will be brought in the constitutional law " About elections ", in laws " About political parties ", " About mass media " and other laws.
Acceptance of the given bills becomes the important stage within the framework of political reform in our country.
Ladies and gentlemen!
As you know, with January, 2009 of Kazakhstans will begin the work in "three" of OSCE. We have already begun a spadework to presidency in the given organization.
To present time it is already made a lot of work. I have signed the Decree " About opening of permanent mission of Kazakhstan at OSCE " in Vienna, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the new department on cooperation with OSCE is created, employees of the state bodies pass training in countries - participants of OSCE.
Work on detailed elaboration of priorities of the Kazakhstan presidency in OSCE will be realized within the framework of the state program " the Way to Europe " for 2009-2011 years which we have just accepted.
The purpose of the program - an output(exit) on a level of strategic partnership with the European countries on all aspects. In trading economic sphere, in the field of innovational technologies, power, transport, technical regulation, in sphere of development of small and average business, in the field of quality of life, in humanitarian measurement.
All state bodies will be involved in this work. Performance of this state program should become one of priorities of activity of the Government and Parliament in 2009-2011 years.
Dear deputies of Parliament!
As you can see, works it is necessary much.
In forthcoming period the Parliament should be more active. It is necessary for parliament and further is constructive to cooperate with the Government.
At the same time the control of performance of laws, and also the authorized programs on development of economy and improvement of a social status of our citizens should be amplified(strengthened).
The fraction of a party(set) " Нур Отан " regularly should hear members of the Government and critically specify omissions, constantly supervise a course of performance by the Government of a pre-election platform of a party(set). Demand should be rigid is our general problem(task). The government correctly should understand and is more active work.
In the conclusion I want to emphasize the following.
Recently statements concerning an opportunity of realization of any early election in Мажилис have become frequent.
The present deputy case is elected legitimately, nationally and works effectively. Neither legal, nor the political reasons for early election are not present. Elections will pass in the terms stipulated by the Constitution, that is in 2012. Now it is necessary not to be engaged in election campaigns, and real legislative process for development of the country.
Our problem(task) - to create qualitative and adequate legal base for achievement of all our purposes which we with you have planned. They very serious, big and difficult.
I want to wish you successes in this work.
АК the Horde (Kazakhstan)