News from 08/07/2008 (ММЦ "Алматы" - Open Company " АлматыЭкспертиза " TPP of. Алматы)
Rate of inflation in Алматы, August, 2008.
Алматы. August, 4. The rate of inflation in July, 2008 in relation to the previous month has made 0,7 % that is lower среднереспубликанского 0,2 % (republican - 0, 9 %). The positive tendency to decrease(reduction) of an index of inflation is connected by that since April, 2008 city authorities make active work on food maintenance and stabilization of the prices. The basic directions were: expansion of a competition, elimination of administrative barriers, maintenance of a unimpeded access on the food market сельхозтоваропроизводителей.
As a result of spent work and seasonal reduction of prices on плодоовощи, the rate of inflation on articles of food began to be reduced systematically. For last four months of the current year growth on articles of food was lower, than in the first quarter 2008 on 0,7 % and has made 4,2 %.
In June, 2008 it was signed 3 agreements on cooperation between city of Almaty and Kustanay, Северо-Kazakhstan and Акмолинской areas. The given agreements provide annual need(requirement) for deliveries of a grain for the flour-grinding and baking enterprises of city. Standard items per one year will make 283 thousand tons of a grain
The Memorandum of stabilization of the prices for some kinds of articles of food with a number(line) of large trade enterprises of city which undertake to establish in points of trade of the consumer goods the fixed trading margin no more than 10 % from purchase value of food stuffs is signed
Sale of agricultural production of large commodity producers is organized. So, the company " Жер Ана " has presented the big network of autoshops where on the average the prices are lower 15-20 %. In this direction teamwork with СПК "Отстік" to which it is given 50 places on city for realization of fruit-and-vegetable production is conducted.
In 10 large food markets of city municipal numbers(lines) are organized. The daily volume of sold production makes from 20 up to 25 tons. The prices of the sold goods below market on 15-20 %.
Spadework on opening weekly fairs with participation of manufacturers of suppliers of southern regions of the country, Алматинской areas and the adjacent states are conducted. Opening of fairs is planned in the beginning of September, 2008 in 7-ми areas of city.
On city modern shopping centers of wholesale trade, in which prices for 20-25 % below retail open. Among the last - "Магнум" and "Арзан" the general(common) area 15 тыс.кв.м.
Creation of a network of the large trading - logistical centres in city of Almaty that will promote stabilization of the prices for the basic food stuffs through reduction of an intermediary chain of sale of the consumer goods is conducted. So, began the work the logistical centre of joint-stock company " Astana - contract " on the basis of working container terminal which represents a full complex on storage, to initial processing and delivery of cargoes.
Also from city of Almaty the project " Construction and operation of the Logistical centre " GEGA "Open Company" Global Ecological Group Almaty " is declared. The project provides construction of the Logistical centre of a class " And + " on processing and storage of foodstuff. Cost of the project makes 80,0 million US dollars. Realization of the project will allow to create to city necessary stocks of the foodstuffs and as consequence(investigation), to smooth seasonal fluctuations of the prices.