News from 06/06/2008 (ММЦ "Алматы" - Open Company " АлматыЭкспертиза " TPP of. Алматы)
Customs on imported in РК agricultural machinery are reduced
In the beginning of February the decision of Government RK according to which are cancelled inures or the customs on agricultural machinery imported in republic are considerably reduced.
According to experts "КазАгроФинанс" - the company created by the Government with a view of maintenance of landowners by agricultural machinery by means of leasing and crediting, new rates of the customs are duly and actual on the eve of forthcoming sowing-time.
For example, the duty on seeders of continuous seeding from earlier five percents now will make 0 percents. The zero rate is provided and on a wide spectrum of soil-cultivating engineering (cultivators, ploughs, harrows). Besides according to the decision five-percentage duties on loaders, trailers and harvesters are abolished.
Taking into account changes, experts predict increase of quantity(amount) of caterpillar tractors delivered on the Kazakhstan market, the customs rate on which has decreased with 15 to 5 percents. The high price for caterpillar engineering which developed and for the account пятнадцатипроцентной the customs is necessary to note, that, remained the essential deterrent for peasants, despite of stable demand because of its(her) characteristics - high traction force and small pressure upon ground.
All innovations connected to the customs, concern mainly engineering of manufacture of distant foreign countries. The engineering from the countries of the CIS - members of the Customs union - is not taxed with the customs.
According to the analysis demand for agricultural machinery with each year grows. Thus facilities(economy) of republic are guided by engineering and the various equipment of manufacture of distant foreign countries which differ the high quality, the raised(increased) productivity, and also high technology of management and a level of comfort more and more.
As have noted in company " КазАгроФинанс " on which share it is necessary more than 30 percents of the country of agricultural machinery delivered at agrarian sector, as a whole the decision of Government RK " About the custom duties and the commodity nomenclature of foreign trade activities РК " essentially will support domestic сельхозтоваропроизводителей. It stimulates import in republic of modern high-efficiency engineering so, will promote the further familiarizing of the Kazakhstan landowners with high technologies.
At the same time, positively estimating the decision on a cancellation and decrease(reduction) of import duties for agricultural machinery, experts "КазАгроФинанс" mark, that without attention there was a problem on which decision development of the whole branch in an agriculture of the country depends. The question is modern hothouse complexes which alongside with крупнотоварными cattle-breeding farms, systems of a drop irrigation and other important projects make priority directions and enter into a circle of strategic interests of the state.
As it was marked earlier, in southern regions of republic realization of programs begins within the framework of fruit-and-vegetable кластера which financing, proceeding from interests of the state, is engaged not only "КазАгроФинанс", but also other financial structures. However high-grade development of the direction connected to cultivation and processing of fruit-and-vegetable production, restrains presence of every possible problems, main their which - the 15-percentage customs on imported hothouses. According to businessmen together with the VAT the sum of deductions reaches(achieves) about 30 percents from cost of all complex. In view of the average price of a modern hothouse - 1 million euro on hectare, additional charges on the ground, design works, leading of communications, water supply etc., and also escalatings of manufacture of fruit-and-vegetable production in neighbouring countries, the hope for competitiveness of the Kazakhstan manufacturers is not great.
Ministry of Agriculture RK together with "КазАгроФинанс" prepares for the offer in the Ministry of the industry and trade about decrease(reduction) or a cancellation of the customs and inclusion of hothouses in the list of the property released(exempted) from the tax to added cost.