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the REPORT on realization of business mission of businessmen of Singapore and Malaysia in. August, 1, 2007.
Within the framework of the incorporated trading - investment mission of group of businessmen of Singapore and Malaysia per. and Astana, organized by Embassy of Kazakhstan in Singapore with assistance of Federation of industrialists of Singapore (Singapore Manufacturers’ Federation) and Federations of industrialists of Malaysia (Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers’) August, 1 .. . has held a meeting of participants of group with the Kazakhstan businessmen.
Representatives participated in structure of delegation 6 Singapore and the companies interested in adjustment of contacts to the Kazakhstan enterprises and in creation of the joint venture in the field of power, construction, metallurgy, telecommunication, etc.: Jenmon International Pte Ltd; Kemilinks International Pte Ltd; George Kent (Malaysia) Berhad; Powerquest Industries Sdn Bhd; UMS Manufacturing Sdn Bhd; Zanwa Sdn Bhd. From the Kazakhstan party(side) representatives of 30 companies of Republic of Kazakhstans working in areas have taken part in a meeting: The oil-and-gas industry, telecommunication, construction, power, metallurgy, cable manufacture, HYDROELECTRIC
The Purpose of the present mission was acquaintance with investment opportunities , and also prospects of trading cooperation with the Kazakhstan companies. The expanded business mission of businessmen of Singapore and Malaysia in the near future is planned in view of wishes of the Kazakhstan businessmen.