News from 05/29/2007 (ММЦ "Алматы" - Open Company " АлматыЭкспертиза " TPP of. Алматы)
MEATH has started in a mode of pre-production operation the electronic uniform register of domestic manufacturers and foreign investors
The ministry of the industry and trade РК has started the electronic uniform register of domestic manufacturers and foreign investors in a mode of pre-production operation. About it today during selector meeting of the government has informed the chapter MEATH Галым Оразбаков, the correspondent of agency transfers.
" Primary goal of the given information system - conducting registers недропользователей, manufacturers, catalogues of the goods, works and services, and also granting of the information on purchases недропользователей - both planned, and carried out ", - was explained by G.Orazbakov. It(he) has specified, that today the register is " in a mode of pre-production operation, in it(him) about 42 недропользователях and 110 manufacturers of the goods, works and services the data are registered in Kazakhstan ".
" Недропользователи can place in this system the general(common) information on and also work with the list of suppliers, search for the Kazakhstan manufacturers, capable to put the necessary goods or to render service ", - has continued G.Orazbakov. As he said, in case of need " on the spot it is possible to contact suitable firm in a mode an online ".
" Besides it, недропользователи place in the register the annual program of purchases, and also the announcement of each purchase, it very important and essentially as earlier it(he) could place the announcement in any of newspapers, распространявшихся in Kazakhstan because of what manufacturers were compelled literally шерстить all newspapers and magazines in searches of announcements. Now any interested user in due time can learn(find out) about the purchases spent недропользователями to prepare for them and to participate in them ", - minister has told.
G.Orazbakov has added, that in the near future the decision of the government will authorize rules according to which " недропользователь will be obliged to place in the uniform register the information on results of the competitions that will raise their transparency and will lower an opportunity for unreasonable preferences of suppliers ".
" The Decision of a problem of a transparency and equal access to spent недропользователями to purchases to which will be promoted by this system, will serve as an essential push for maintenance of active participation of the Kazakhstan suppliers in the service market недропользования and the further increase of a share of the Kazakhstan maintenance(contents) ", - counts G.Orazbakov. By calculations MEATH, in 2015 at the amplified(strengthened) support of the state the share of domestic mechanical engineering in purchases недропользователей can make almost 11 billion, or more than 25 % from existing in system of purchases.