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The problem(task) - to induce bridges (Interview of vice-president of Bijarova M.N.)
For 2007—2008 years the commercial and Industrial chamber of Republic of Kazakhstans is chosen the coordinator next, the sixth, session of Advice(council) of heads of the TPP states — participants of the CIS. Now prepares for this event, deciding(solving) as , and a problem of harmonization of activity of commercial and industrial chambers of the countries of Commonwealth. The urgency of this problem(task) for our system of chambers became especially obvious in view of the recent Message of the President of Kazakhstan and with the declared strategy of increase of the international competitiveness of the country, vice-president considers.
— This work is now conducted under a management(manual) recently elected president . Chambers as associations of businessmen exist already four hundred years, and for this time in the world there were some their versions. The Kazakhstan model of system of chambers is accepted for qualifying as mixed as she(it) is based on voluntary membership, but its(her) activity is adjusted by Law " About commercial and industrial chambers " which was accepted in 2005. The
law " the commercial and industrial chamber ", the order of creation territorial and republican chambers provides a legal protection of definition. But thus our chambers became the unique not state, noncommercial organizations which are carrying out activity on the basis of the special law.
The state has not transferred(translated) any other functions in the category public and has not transferred though in the international practice to similar institutes of the business concerning mixed model, they are inherent. Among those — introduction of the Trading register. In Kazakhstan for the present there is no uniform Trading register which introduction would decide(solve) a problem of businessmen on reception of an extract from him(it). It essentially would facilitate partner attitudes(relations) of our businessmen with the foreign companies. One more function of many — distribution of documents on foreign trade. For example, acknowledgement(confirmation) of the certificate on an origin of the goods, distribution of certificate . For the Kazakhstan companies which in new realities become full subjects of the international economy, it is the extremely important. Our growing statistics of the international contacts and missions confirms this conclusion.
So, as a whole on system TPP RK only the last year 63 business missions with participation of 1 420 enterprises from the Kazakhstan party(side) and 321 foreign companies were carried out(spent). Commercial and industrial chambers of republic have organized participation of the domestic companies in numerous international exhibitions and forums. On results of these actions businessmen of republic signed 44 contracts, more than two hundreds reports - intentions and are open two representations. Our chambers have concluded more than hundred agreements with local bodies and the little less — with chambers of other countries. For example, TPP cities of Almaty has signed the memorandum of mutual understanding and cooperation on development of National export strategy of Kazakhstan from joint-stock companies " Centre of áÓ¬ÑÔ¿¡ú«ó«-analytical researches ". The memorandum of cooperation with joint-stock company " National innovational fund " prepares for signing. Regional and city chambers pay special attention of the methodical and practical help businessmen, will carry out(spend) educational rates. Only the last year it was carried out(spent) 44 seminars on which it was trained over thousand businessmen. In system TPP RK the expert organizations where work 105 qualified experts brought in the register " the Expert of Kazakhstans " are created. Including half from them is included in the register " the Expert of the CIS ". That is in republic there was the system of chambers working
professionally, according to the international requirements. She(it) is authoritative and recognized as in republic, and abroad.
Competitiveness of the country is estimated by the International institute of development of management (IMD) as ability of the nation to create and support environment(Wednesday) in which arise and the competitive companies develop. sees the place in an infrastructure on service of business - environment, rendering consulting and marketing services, information support and examination in questions of development of manufacture and selling of the competitive goods. Expansion of functions , I think, will promote development of system of chambers of Kazakhstan, growth of image of the domestic goods and services abroad and as a whole to growth of their competitiveness. The organizations, capable to adjust bridges are necessary for business. And this problem(task) in forces.
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Source: the newspaper " the Kazakhstan Truth "