News from 04/24/2007 (ММЦ "Алматы" - Open Company " АлматыЭкспертиза " TPP of. Алматы)
Chambers extend
The participant of VI Euroasian медиа-forum — known Russian policies(politics) and public figure Eugeny Primakov, which now heads Commercial and industrial chamber of the Russian Federation, yesterday has met Kazakhstan colleague Erlanom Kozhasbaem. At a meeting questions of bilateral cooperation trading - промышленныхпалат Kazakhstans and Russia were discussed.
Speech, in particular, went about participation of commercial and industrial chambers in interstate business advice(councils), about contacts in frontier trade, transport, tax and customs problems were considered(examined).
As has noted E.Primakov, commercial and industrial chambers of the countries of the CIS become more and more influential structures. For example, within the framework of administrative reform in Russia the part of the state functions is transferred(handed) to them.
On E.Primakova's words, Kazakhstan is the most important part on the economic development in region and the basic partner of Russia. Not casually the last year in Алматы the Central - Asian representation of the Russian Commercial and industrial chamber has opened.
As the president of commercial and Industrial chamber RK Erlan Kozhasbaj has informed, for past year the commercial and Industrial chamber of republic rendered domestic businessmen of 55 thousand kinds of service services, for same time incomes of chamber were doubled. " We observe main principle of all commercial and industrial chambers of the world — self-support and self-financing ", — E.Kozhasbaj has emphasized. In end of a meeting the management(manual) of the Kazakhstan Commercial and industrial chamber has offered the Russian colleagues to create joint working groups on discussion of various questions of a tax, customs policy(politics) and to plan the
basic directions of the further cooperation.
The author: Асхат Копеев

Source: the newspaper " the Kazakhstan Truth "