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Kazakhstan and Georgia have signed the memorandum of cooperation in economic sphere
TBILISI. April, 3. Kazakhstan Today. Minister of transport and communications of Kazakhstan Серик Ахметов and minister of economic development of Georgia Гиоргий Арвеладзе within the framework of the third session of the грузинско-Kazakhstan governmental economic commission have signed on Monday in Tbilisi the memorandum of economic cooperation, the correspondent of agency transfers.

As has declared G.Arveladze, Georgia and Kazakhstan have issued the new memorandum on the basis of which the further economic cooperation between two countries is determined.

" Georgia and Kazakhstan has a concrete and uniform sight on the general(common) economic future. By means of such fruitful cooperation we should create conditions for regional economic development, and here it is meant not only Georgia, but also all countries located on the Silk way ", - has noted G.Arveladze.

In particular, after end of session of the joint commission of Kazakhstan and Georgia the agreement on cooperation in spheres of transport, trade, economy, an agriculture and communications was made.

The parties(sides) have agreed that after delivery in operation of a trunk-railway of Baku - Tbilisi - Kars Kazakhstan will use a new transport corridor for annual transportations of cargoes in volume 10 million tons.

Within the framework of the memorandum, with the purpose of development of a transport infrastructure, the special attention is planned to pay to tripartite cooperation of Georgia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan on questions of competitiveness of the general(common) transport corridor and increase of commodity circulation.

As has noted in turn S.Ahmetov, on these questions in May joint tripartite consultations in which, besides Kazakhstan and Georgia, Azerbaijan will take part also will begin.

" We with minister have agreed, that in May at a level of assistants to ministers we shall invite already and the third party(side) - Azerbaijan because there is a necessity to discuss some questions already on tripartite negotiations, at a level of experts and assistants ", - has told S.Ahmetov.

Georgia and Kazakhstan have agreed also, that further the special attention will be given to perfection of trade and economic legal base and entering of some changes in achieved before the agreement in questions of free trade. Except for it, in sphere of the finance questions of re-structuring of the debt of Georgia in front of Kazakhstan will be considered.

Source: Kazakhstan Today