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To draw attention to social - responsible business - competition among MASS-MEDIA
In Kazakhstan April, 1 has started the first republican competition among MASS-MEDIA on social - responsible business. Organizers of competition are the Kazakhstan press club, the American commercial and industrial chamber, Fund Eurasia the Central Asia, , transfers .
The given competition is continuation of the project on development of social - responsible business in . His(its) overall objective is the independent estimation of journalistic activity and rewarding of the best journalists for their essential contribution to illumination of development of social - responsible business to Kazakhstan. Competition will be carried out(spent) with a view of attraction of attention of the public, in particular, representatives of MASS-MEDIA, to questions of a history, a condition and development of social -
responsible business in republic and popularization of the given subjects in Kazakhstan.
Competition puts before itself problems(tasks) of increase and amplification(strengthening) of a role of the corporate responsibility by means of illumination of the given subjects in printed and electronic editions of the country. Besides competition should promote construction of positive image of the journalists writing on themes of development and actual problems in Kazakhstan and also to raise and to emphasize the importance of journalistic activity.

Source: KazInform