News from 02/07/2007 (ММЦ "Алматы" - Open Company " АлматыЭкспертиза " TPP of. Алматы)
the REPORT on realization of business mission of the Croatian businessmen in. Алматы January, 25, 2007
Commercial and industrial chamber of. Алматы has lead(carried out) January, 25, 2007 business mission of the Croatian businessmen to. Алматы. Delegation Mr. Radmir Chachich headed жупан Вараждинской areas. Before the beginning of mission press conference with participation of heads of the Croatian and Kazakhstan delegation at 10.00 was held. And press conferences have acted in opening ceremony: Радмир Чачич-жупан Вараждинской areas, Бияров М.Н-зам. Chairman ТПП of. Алматы. At press conference also were present the first assistant акима Алматинской Dolzhenkov V.A.'s areas and the director of regional department of business and industry Chojmbekov T.U. During the given action signing the agreement between Алматинской area of Republic of Kazakhstans and Вараждинской жупанией Republics Croatias about trade and economic, scientific and technical and cultural cooperation, and also signing of the contract about cooperation between Commercial and industrial chamber of was held. Алматы (Republic of Kazakhstans) and Croatian economic chamber Varazhdin (Republic Croatia).
The structure of delegation included representatives large the companies on the following directions: Logistic, transportation, manufacture of furniture, construction and designing, sale of metal, protective means, professional cosmetics for hair, household devices and engineering, steel both corrosion-proof pipes and many others. The given directions were submitted by the following companies: "Опрема-Уреджаи", joint-stock company " Загорье-Технобетон ", joint-stock company " Цеста Вараждин ", joint-stock company " Мундус ", Firm " Тонимир Transport Интернационал ", Open Company " Сига ", joint-stock company " Matrex ", Open Company " Wachem ", " MIV Metalska Industrija Varazdin ", Open Company " Эмос ", Open Company " Пожгай ".
January, 25 the meeting of heads of the Croatian delegation with the first assistant акима at 16.00 has passed. Алматы г-ohm Букеновым К.А. During a meeting questions of bilateral business cooperation were discussed, including ways of development of tourism were discussed.
The carried out(spent) business mission has caused alive interest among businessmen of. Алматы and Алматинской to area also has begun the further fruitful cooperation between Republic of Kazakhstans and Republic Croatia.

Исп. A.M.Muhanova, the expert of Department ВЭСиИ