News from 12/27/2006 ( "" - Open Company " " TPP of. )
the REPORT on realization business the Moscow businessmen in. since December, 11-13, 2006.
Commercial and industrial chamber of. and the Inter-regional Marketing Centre "Moscow" with assistance of Department of support and development of small business of Moscow have lead(carried out) December, 12, 2006. Business mission of the Moscow businessmen to. . The given action was carried out(spent) within the framework of realization of the project of the government of Moscow " Assistance to small enterprises of Moscow in development of inter-regional and international communications(connections) with use of opportunities of system MMTS ". The delegation was headed by the First Vice-president of the Moscow centre of development of business - Mr. Ponomarenko Sergey Ivanovich and the general Director of Joint-Stock Company " Moscow " - Mr. Shabel'nikov Sergey Valer'evich. Before the beginning of mission press conference with participation of heads of the Moscow and Kazakhstan delegation at 10.00 was held. And press conferences have acted in opening ceremony: Ponomarenko S.I., Shabel'nikov S.V., .-. . and .-. Managements of foreign trade of the Ministry of the industry and trade . In structure of the Russian delegation the Moscow manufacturers of the following goods: clothes, dry goods, cosmetics, the goods for children, systems of water treating and water-system, the trading - exhibition equipment, paint and varnish materials, household chemical goods and matresses. In structure of delegation representatives of 19 Moscow companies, such as Open Company " -style ", Joint-Stock Company " the Class ", Open Company " ", Open Company " ", Open Company " the Master ", Joint-Stock Company " -2000 " etc. After press conference were held bilateral negotiations of the Moscow and Kazakhstan businessmen. December, 13 till the Moscow businessmen have visited offices partners and negotiations were held by way of the further joint cooperation.
On the given business mission the representative of Management of foreign trade of the Ministry of the industry and trade -Mr. Raev O.K. and the main manager of Management of investment projects of National Investment fund of Kazakhstan - Mrs. Kuntubaeva A.Z. has taken part
December, 13, 2006 the meeting of heads of the Moscow delegation with the deputy director of Department of business and industry Akimata of at 11.00 was held. Mrs. Balovoj .. During a meeting questions of bilateral business cooperation were discussed, and also have exchanged opinions on ways of development of tourism, light industry and the chemical industry.
December, 13, 2006 at 17.00 . the meeting of the Moscow businessmen with experts of customs body and the logistical company was organized. At a meeting participated: the main expert of the Department of customs modes of Department of the customs control in . and the general Director of Charter company " TransAl " of Queens were given exhaustive and detailed answers to questions of the Moscow businessmen regarding customs legislation , procedures of registration at export-import transactions between Russia and Kazakhstan and logistic.
. by preparation and the organization of the given business mission the big preliminary work was carried out(spent), namely: expert interview, telemarketing and presentation marketing.

. , the expert of Department