News from 08/10/2006 (ММЦ "Алматы" - Open Company " АлматыЭкспертиза " TPP of. Алматы)
From September, 1 till September, 10 75-th will pass Измирская the International fair
From September, 1 till September, 10, 2006 in city of Izmir (Turkey) will pass 75-th Измирская the International fair " Izmir International Fair-2006 " which is the largest economic event in Turkey and will be carried out(spent) on an annual basis since 1931.
The basic directions of fair are
- Building materials and design technologies;
- Metal working, metals and minerals;
- Information technologies and electronics;
- Food production and the equipment;
- Furniture, office and a refrigerating machinery;
- Etc.
During an exhibition the Kazakhstan enterprises and the companies can present the projects show all spectrum of given services, to expose samples of production for consumers and partners from all world, to get acquainted with advanced world(global) technologies, and also to come into direct business contacts to manufacturers of other countries.
For maintenance of participation of the Kazakhstan enterprises in the given exhibition, and also for better presentation of the Kazakhstan exposition, in the republican budget for 2006 means for rent of an exhibition area and the equipment, development of the sketch and the equipment design, installation and dismantle of exhibition stands, inside exposition design works, working costs, transport services, a translation service in territory of an exhibition are stipulated.
Expenses of participants of an exhibition make cost of registration of the visa, авиа flight and residing:
- Hotel 5*:
- Day, a single room - 111 euros;
- Day, a double room - 150 euros;
- Авиа flight - 95 000 tenges
In case of interest we ask to fill in the applied form of the application. Term of application till August, 15 2006г.

On the organization of participation in 75-th Измирской to the International fair
" Izmir International Fair-2206 "

Conditions of participation:

Due to means of the republican budget:
- The areas for participation in an exhibition;
- The standard exhibition equipment;
- A translation service in territory of an exhibition;
- Autotransportation of cargoes of participants

Due to means of participants:
- Flight and residing of representatives of the companies of participants.

If your company is interested to take part
In 75-th Измирской to the International fair " Izmir International Fair-2006 ",
We ask you to fill in the mentioned below form:

The name of the company: _______________________________________ ______________________
The contact person: _______________________________________ ________________________
Post: _______________________________________ ______________________________
Bodies: ________________________________
Fax: _______________________________
E-mail: ______________________________
The address: ______________________________
Reserve for us the equipped area in ______ sq.m.
Reserve for us the non-equipped area in ______ sq.m.
The name of exposed production _______________________________________ ____
_______________________________________ _______________________________________
_______________________________________ _______________________________________

The signature ________________________
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