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Volumes of foreign trade turnover of area....
Volumes of foreign trade turnover of area tend to growth

AREA. August, 28. / /-Foreign trade activities of businessmen Almatinskoj of area more and more becomes more active. Growth of volumes of the foreign trade turnover for the last half-year in comparison with the similar period of 2005 has made more than 36 %. Thus, the foreign trade activity has brought in 445 million dollars to the budget of area, have informed correspondent Kazinforma in regional management of economy and budgetary planning.

The increase of an export potential in two with superfluous time has brought to regional treasury more than 110 million dollars, import has made about 350 million dollars, or 120 % to the similar period of the last year.

the area has trading - partner attitudes(relations) with 87 countries of the world.

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