News from 07/24/2006 ( "" - Open Company " " TPP of. )
The international exhibition - fair in URUMCHI! Do not miss the chance in purchase of new partners in business!! Term of application till July, 26, 2006. More in detail .

Commercial and industrial chamber of. informs, that since September, 1-5 2006. in the international exhibition centre of Urumchi ( Chinese People's Republic) there will pass 15-th International -economic fair. -an economic exhibition fair () is organized by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and economic cooperation of Chinese People's Republic, wins first place on scale of universal international fairs in northwest areas of China.
At fair demonstration of new kinds of production, technology and projects is provided. Import - export bargains the grain, oil, foodstuff, clothes, furniture, textile products, vehicles and spare parts, the equipment, the goods of home appliances and communication(connection), petroleum and include, building materials and the goods for a house, production of a mining industry, nonferrous metals etc. Projects in sphere of the external economic cooperation include infrastructural construction, development of an energy potential and the mining industry, development of tourism, processing and packing of agricultural production, the investment abroad, building in succession, development of traditional Chinese medicine, protection of the natural environment of cities, cooperation in the field of a new science and engineering, biological pharmaceutics, tenders of the right of property etc.
Conditions of participation in to fair:
The estimated cost of participation of one person in group-112 000 tenges in which enters: air ticket ---65 000 tenges, the visa 7 000 tenges, participation in fair (organizational gathering) - 40 000 tenges (for members of. - 30 000 tenges), registration of free-of-charge entrance cards. The given sum according to the account is listed(transferred) on settlement account of. till July, 26, 2006 (for preliminary transfer for air tickets).
Other charges (on 1 person): residing at 4* hotel-70-100 $ USA in day (single room), services of the translator per day 40-50 $ USA, travel from the airport in hotel (in day of an arrival)-30 $ and back (in day of departure) - 30 $ USA, are paid by the participant of delegation in Urumchi independently.
As the opportunity of rent of a premise(room) for exhibiting the goods is given. The size of a premise(room) 3 3. On a ground floor cost of one premise(room) makes 1000 $ USA. On the second floor-950 $ USA.. Each standard premise(room) includes: a tripartite exhibition wall, 1 table, 2 chairs, 2 luminescent lamps, 1 socket, the tablet of the enterprise in the English and Chinese languages. To the interested firms to participate in an exposition of the goods and rent of a premise(room) on 15 it is necessary to submit the application and to pay on settlement account of. not later July, 26, 2006.
To wishing companies to take part at fair we ask to fill in the application. The quantity(amount) of places in group is limited. In connection with congestion of flights and hotels of the application form for participation we ask to direct till 26.07.2006 on phone/fax: (3272 61 14 04, 61 03 01 e-mail:
The passport and two color photos (34) should be transferred(handed) in . , street. Roofing felt , 45 in Department and And not later July, 26 2006. A start of group from in Urumchi August, 30 and returning in September, 06, 2006.
The appendix: the Application for the organization of participation (1 sheet)

. Chairman Bijarov M.N.

. (3272 61 14 04; 61 03 01

the APPLICATION for the organization of participation in 15 since 01.09.2006-05.09.2006.
Term of granting up to 10.07.06 years
1. The name of the organization: _______________________________________ ___________________
The legal address: _______________________________________ ___________________________
The actual address: _______________________________________ ____________________________
The phone: _______________________________________ __________________________________
The phone a/fax: _______________________________________ ________________________________
-mail: _______________________________________ _______________________________________
: _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _
: _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _
The settlement account: _______________________________________ _______________________________

2. The responsible(crucial) person of the enterprise:
Surname: _______________________________________ _______________________________
Name _______________________________________ _______________________________
Post: _______________________________________ _______________________________
The phone: _______________________________________ _______________________________
Fax: _______________________________________ _______________________________
E-mail: _______________________________________ ________________________________

3. Specify members of your delegation:
First name, middle initial, last name (in Russian and .) _______________________________________ ________________
Post: _______________________________________ _______________________________
Number of the passport, date of distribution and term _______________________________________ ___________
. and .. _______________________________________ _________________________
_______________________________________ ______________________________

4. The need(requirement) for the translator yes / is not present _________
5. Whether you wish to exhibit the goods? Yes / is not present __________
6. An exhibition area necessary for the enterprise, sq.m.: _______

"____" _____________ 2006.
The head of the organization, first name, middle initial, last name. .. _____________ (signature)