News from 06/26/2006 (ММЦ "Алматы" - Open Company " АлматыЭкспертиза " TPP of. Алматы)
The report on trade and economic mission of the enterprises of Tomsk area Russia in. Алматы (June, 12-14, 2006)
The report
About trade and economic mission of the enterprises of Tomsk area
In. Алматы (June, 12-14, 2006)

June, 12-14, 2006 trade and economic mission of the Tomsk Russian Federation to was held. Алматы. The Tomsk area was submitted by 19 large companies. The delegation was headed the assistant to the Chapter of administration (Governor) of Tomsk area on economic policy and investments by Mrs. Kozlovskaja О.В. The structure of delegation included chiefs of Departments of development of business and real sector of economy, the consumer market, economy of Administration of Tomsk area.
June, 13 Kozlovskoj O.V.'s meeting in Акимате this year was held. Алматы with 1-st assistant Akima Bukenovym K.A.delegation to Tomsk area has shown the big interest to methods of formation кластеров in Kazakhstan, activity of park of information technologies in. Алматы, having the status of a free economic zone, work of investment and innovational funds. The Tomsk area is interested also in deliveries of vegetables and fruit from Kazakhstan. Participants of a meeting have communicated on various questions of industrial and social development. At the end of a meeting the arrangement on signing the report of intentions between Акиматом was achieved. Алматы and Administration of Tomsk area.
After a meeting in Акимате the meeting of delegation with the General Consul of the Russian Federation in Алматы of Ibragimovym R.A. was held
June, 13 this year. ТПП. Алматы has lead(carried out) trade and economic mission of the enterprises of Tomsk area. The following Tomsk enterprises have taken part in work of a business - meeting: Open Society " Манотомь ", Open Society " Кахети ", Open Company " Кузовлевский шпалопропиточный a factory ", Joint-Stock Company " Tomsk bearing ", Open Company " НПФ " Mikran ", Open Company " south - furniture ", Open Company " llama ", Joint-Stock Company " Сибэлектромотор " etc. From the Kazakhstan party(side) participation have accepted 50 companies. Event was shined(covered) on a telechannel " Алматы "," Kazakhstan ". Business I meet has opened Козловская O.V.vice-governor has lead(carried out) presentation about social and economic development of Tomsk area which has caused alive interest on the part of the Kazakhstan businessmen. At a business - meeting the President Tomsk ТПП has acted as Eskin A.J.
After opening ТЭМ, the Vice-governor has visited park of information technologies "Ala Tau". Then the meeting of the assistant to the Chapter of Administration of Kozlovskoj O.V. with a management(manual) of Investment Fund of Kazakhstan was held.
June, 14 this year the delegation of Tomsk area has visited Алматинский technological park where has met a management(manual) of park. President АТП Дукенбаев Е. has told about activity of park, has answered Kozlovskoj O.V.'s interesting questions
Then the meeting with a management(manual) of joint-stock company " National Innovational Fund " where the delegation of Tomsk Administration has met the Chairman of Board Raevym N.T., зам was held. The chairman of Board Kukenovym T.M.
June, 14 with. Representatives of the Tomsk enterprises have visited the Kazakhstan companies. Company " Кахети " has visited joint-stock company " Бахус ". The president of joint-stock company " Бахус " Karapetjan A.M. has acquainted visitors with manufacture of a factory, assortment of let out wine - vodka products. Then visitors have tasted production of joint-stock company " Бахус ". Special interest томичей was caused with initial processing of a grapes. Businessmen have agreed upon a meeting already in Tomsk.
June, 14 the meeting of the sales manager of Open Company " llama " of Tomsk area Mr. Churikovym K.S. with the president of Trading house "ДанКо" Mr. Tanatovym this year would be held. To. The representative of the Tomsk enterprise has familiarized with warehouse territory of Trading house "ДанКо" and has carried on negotiations for possible(probable) cooperation.
June, 14 the meeting of representatives of the Tomsk enterprises such as this year was held: "Манотомь", " the Siberian electrotechnical company ", Open Society " the Tomsk electromechanical factory him(it). V.Vahrusheva ", " the Research-and-production company Polymer - Компаунд " with a management(manual) of Joint-Stock Company " КК Интерконнект ".