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Session of Coordination advice(council) at TPP republic of Kazakhstans
Session of Coordination advice(council) at TPP republic of Kazakhstans

Vice-president of Russia V.B.Isakov has taken part in session of Coordination advice(council) holding January, 31 this year in Astana at TPP republic of Kazakhstans on which the following questions were considered:
1. the Role and a place of commercial and industrial chambers in social and economic development of the country.
2. Problems of development of system of vocational training in Republic of Kazakhstans
3. Results of " the Round table " on development of textile and cotton branch.
Entering before participants of session with presentation about activity of Russia, vice-president V.B.Isakov has illuminated a number(line) of the important functions of the Russian chamber on realization of the external economic cooperation with foreign countries:
distribution of certificates of an origin of the Russian goods, services,
the international documents on the right of time import ;
accreditation of the foreign companies;
the organization of the international exhibitions of the Russian enterprises etc.
With messages on a role of commercial and industrial chambers in social and economic development of Uzbekistan has acted the chief of a department of chamber S.Ataeva. According to its(her) data, Uzbekistan uses multilateral material support on the part of the state, has the right of the legislative initiative, participates in work of enforcement authorities with the right of examination of their decisions.

Discussing the following question, representatives of Kazakhstan have informed, that the chamber has started realization of several projects in the field of vocational training: opening of the pilot centres of training by the most claimed working trades, the organization of training of masters of technological training abroad with the purpose of development of high technologies of training and work.

Deputies Mazhilisa of Parliament of Republic of Kazakhstans, representatives of executive authority of Kazakhstan have taken part in work of Coordination advice(council).

May, 3 2005 Law " About commercial and industrial chambers " is accepted. According to the Law, at the Coordination advice(council) working on a constant basis is created. Members of coordination advice(council) are deputies of the Senate and Parliament RK, representatives of the ministries and departments, chairmen of associations of businessmen, heads of the largest Kazakhstan companies.
Department of external communications(connections)

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