News from 06/06/2005 ( "" - Open Company " " TPP of. )
25.04.05. visit in Chairman of Committee under investments and Tishkina S.V.'s consulting during which the presentation of activity of System MMTS has been lead{has been carried out} has taken place.
On April, 25 2005 visit to Almaty commercial and industrial chamber of the Member of Board and Presidium, Chairman of Committee under investments and consulting, Chairman of the Commission on cooperation with the countries of Latin America of the Moscow commercial and industrial chamber, the general director of a consortium "" Tishkina Sergey Vladimirovicha has taken place. Almaty represented . , general director "-Moscow" Bijarov M.N. and . Department of Akylbaeva S.D.
M.N.Bijarov has told to the visitor about activity "-Moscow", they have communicated on activity of the Moscow and Almaty commercial and industrial chambers, have discussed possible{probable} directions of cooperation. S.D.Akylbaeva has informed on functions of a department of foreign economic relations and the information, on the lead{carried out} and planned trade and economic missions of the Russian enterprises in Almaty.
S.V.Tishkin, in turn, has presented a consortium "" which general director it{he} is, has told about offered{suggested} services on technologies . Mr. Bijarov has noted, that offered{suggested} services are actual for small cities of Kazakhstan to which problems the state at the moment pays the big attention.
Upon termination of a meeting the preliminary arrangement on signing the cooperation agreement between commercial and industrial chambers of Moscow and Almaty has been achieved.