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  Language of input: Russian
The name of the enterprise (brief): OOO "NPF "Galateja" 
The name of the enterprise (full): Obshhestvo s ogranichennojj otvetstvennost'ju "Nauchno-proizvodstvennaja firma "Galateja" 
The note (about the company): Development and manufacture of the medical physiotherapeutic equipment, bioelectric artificial limbs of the top finitenesses and means of rehabilitation of invalids
Organizational - the legal form:Society with Limited Liability 
District: ZAO 
Area: Dorogomilovo 
Code : 42857341 
INNA&: 7703099839 
Code : 65 
Code C: 16 
Code : 33.10.1 
Year of the basis of the enterprise: 19.04.1996 
Actual age of the company, years: 15 
Quantity(amount) of regular employees: 40 
The postal index: 121170 
The post address: g.Moskva, Ploshhad' Pobedy, 2, korp.2, p/ja 67 
The actual address: 121170, g.Moskva, Ploshhad' Pobedy, 2, korp.2, p/ja 67 
The phone:1489396, 5106662 
Fax:1489396, 5106662
Post of the head: General'nyjj direktor 
Head (..).: Karpov Andrejj Jur'evich 
The description of let out production: Bioelectric artificial limbs of the top finitenesses, the modern medical equipment of physiotherapeutic influence, for treatment of diseases of the -impellent device, improvement of a tone of an organism of the person in the whole, improvement of quality of life, domestic application and professional use.
Competitive advantages: High efficiency and quality. Portability and mobility. Operative service. Modern design.
Technological advantages: At production high technologies and the own scientific development directed on the maximal quality and efficiency of production are applied.
Innovations, patents, certificates: -
Presence of regional representations: Representations in 20 regions of the Russian Federation.
Deliveries of production in other regions of the Russian Federation and foreign countries (Regions both federal districts, and standard items, roubles per one year): In more than in 50 regions of the Russian Federation and the countries of near foreign countries.
Regions and the countries of interest for export: Regions of the Russian Federation; the countries of East and Western Europe.
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