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  Language of input: Russian
The name of the enterprise (brief): OOO "NPF "Globus-Tekhno" 
The name of the enterprise (full): Obshhestvo s ogranichennojj otvetstvennost'ju "Nauchno-proizvodstvennaja firma "Globus-Tekhno" 
The note (about the company): Manufacture of means of automation
Organizational - the legal form:Society with Limited Liability 
District: ZAO 
Area: Kuncevo 
Code : 18536669 
INNA&: 7704187397 
Code : 65 
Code C: 16 
Code : 73,1 
Year of the basis of the enterprise: 17.06.1998 
Actual age of the company, years: 12 
Quantity(amount) of regular employees: 35 
Quantity(amount) working: 20 
The postal index: 121467 
The post address: g.Moskva, ul. Molodogvardejjskaja, 7, str.1 
The actual address: 121467, g.Moskva, ul. Molodogvardejjskaja, 7, str.1 
The phone:(499) 1447716 
Fax:(499) 1495875
Post of the head: General'nyjj direktor 
Head (..).: Bosovich Vasilijj Dmitrievich 
The description of let out production: The automated systems of the dispatching control and management of the engineering equipment of buildings and constructions "Planet - 1".
Competitive advantages: The remote control and management of any engineering equipment with simultaneous documenting and archiving of the information. and the account of consumed power resources - heat, the electric power, cold and hot water. Opportunity of reception / data transmission and speech communication(connection) from the removed objects. Speech communication(connection) of the dispatcher with subscribers of lifts, technical premises(rooms) etc.

Automatic conducting speech and information archives.

High and protection of channels against short circuit. Protection of all circuits against a counter electricity (a galvanic outcome). Special circuits for protection of data links. An opportunity of an independent uninterrupted feed(meal) from the storage battery.

Division of data links and speeches (emergency signals act to the dispatcher without a delay).
Technological advantages: Modern element base of a high degree of integration. A modular principle of construction. Minimal time of connection. Compatibility with systems of local automatics of thermal items(points) ("", "", "Master"). Interface to systems communications(connections) ("Visit", "").
Innovations, patents, certificates: The patent for an industrial sample 50234. There are Certificates of conformity: "Planet - 1" RU. 05. 00060 on industrial safety, blocks of management such as for the Automated systems ru. TH02. B00985, 00-16065, devices of controllable items(points) such as for the Automated systems ru. TH02. B00986; the Sanction of Federal service on ecological, technological and nuclear supervision on application; License 46.12001 for application of the Mark of conformity of system of certification of GOST . Specifications THAT 4232-001-18536669-01 are brought in " the Register of specifications on building materials, products and the designs used at construction of objects of the city order " (the Certificate 56).
Deliveries of production in other regions of the Russian Federation and foreign countries (Regions both federal districts, and standard items, roubles per one year): . , , . 3,5 - 4,0 . .
Regions and the countries of interest for export: Regions of the Russian Federation
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