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  Language of input: Russian
The name of the enterprise (brief): OOO "NMF "MBN" 
The name of the enterprise (full): Obshhestvo s ogranichennojj otvetstvennost'ju "Nauchno-medicinskaja firma "MBN" 
The note (about the company): Development and manufacture of the medical equipment
Organizational - the legal form:Society with Limited Liability 
District: CAO 
Area: Tverskojj 
Code ОКПО: 42882497 
INNA&: 7710186056 
Code ОКОПФ: 65 
Code ОКФC: 16 
Code ОКВЭД: 33.1 
Year of the basis of the enterprise: 10.04.1996 
Actual age of the company, years: 17 
Quantity(amount) of regular employees: 65 
Annual turnover (USD): 3314258 
Kind of activity:
Retail trade
The postal index: 125047 
The post address: g.Moskva, ul. 3-ja Tverskaja-Jamskaja, 29/6 
The actual address: 105120, g.Moskva, 2-ojj Syromjatnicheskijj per., 10, of.6 
The phone:9177776 
Post of the head: General'nyjj direktor 
Head (Ф.И.О).: Pirozhenko Andrejj Vital'evich 
The description of let out production: The medical equipment: computer complexes for neurophysiology, functional diagnostics and rehabilitation.
Competitive advantages: Are developed and serially are issued more than 10 types of the devices, easily united among themselves in сложнейшие diagnostic complexes. Complexes much(many) are уникальными: ** Нейрокартограф - a complex for research of bioelectric activity мозга. ** Реограф - a complex for diagnostics of blood circulation of a brain, easy, a liver, finitenesses, bodies of a small basin and definition of parameters central гемодинамики. ** Нейромиограф - a complex for realization электромиографии and registration of the caused potentials мозга. ** Электроретинограф - a complex for registration of bioelectric activity of a retina and мозга. ** Вибротестер - the diagnostic device for research of functions thin немиелизированных nervous волокон. ** the Biomechanics - a complex of functional programmed diagnostics of опорно-impellent system, management of regenerative treatment and active реабилитации. ** Stimulus - a complex of functional programmed electrostimulation мышц. ** the Scanner - a complex of the functional analysis of a condition позвоночника. ** Подоскан - a complex of diagnostics of a pathology stop.
Technological advantages: The department of new engineering of firm consists of highly skilled developers and programmers that allows to expand assortment of offered devices and software. The industrial base includes a design department, a site on release of printed-circuit-boards, assembly shop, a site of technological training and a warehouse of finished goods. Presence of the service centre - a pledge of non-failure operation of the equipment, confidence of the user of got engineering; repair and service support - in the most shortest terms.
Innovations, patents, certificates: Patents: " the Computer medical multimedia complex ", " the Way of programmed electrostimulation of muscles and the device for his(its) realization "; Certificates and registration certificates on all let out production.
Deliveries of production in other regions of the Russian Federation and foreign countries (Regions both federal districts, and standard items, roubles per one year): In many regions of the Russian Federation
Regions and the countries of interest for export: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Byelorussia; the European countries

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